Faculty/Staff Directory

  • Brian Adamczyk

    Music, Director of Private Lessons Program, US Ensembles, Private Lesson Instructor (clarinet, oboe, sax)
    Lower School, Middle School
    School Extension 215-951-2329
  • Zarah Adams

    First Grade
    Lower School
    Pennsylvania State University, BA
    LaSalle College, MA
    School Extension 215-951-2318
  • Jessica Agner

    Middle School
    University Of Maryland, BS
    School Extension 215-951-2316
  • Mark Anderson

    Upper School
    Cheyney University, BA
    Kaplan University, MS
    School Extension 215-849-6578
  • Sharon Askew

    Student Support, Math Specialist
    Lower School
    Morgan State University, BS
    School Extension 215-951-2318
  • Charles Banks

    Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
    School Extension 215-951-2339
  • Karen Barbarese

    Administrative Support, Administrative Assistant
    Upper School
    School Extension 215-951-2315
  • Dana Barron

    Breakthrough, Executive Director of Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia
    University Of Pennsylvania, PhD
    University Of Pennsylvania, MA
    Harvard University, AB
    School Extension 215-951-2398
  • James Barron

    Student Support, 11th Grade Advisor
    Upper School
    University of Chicago, PhD
    Providence College, MA
    St. Mary's Seminary University, AB
    School Extension 215-951-2300
  • Frances Berge

    Music, Private Lesson Instructor (violin, viola)
    University Of Michigan, BA
    School Extension 215-951-2329
  • Katie Bergstrom Mark

    Athletics, Athletic Director; Head Coach Girls Lacrosse
    Middle School, Upper School
    Columbia University, BA
    School Extension 215-292-9684
  • Ellen Berman

    Administrative Support, Adminstrative Assistant to the Director of Studies
    Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
    Bennington College, BA
    School Extension 215-951-2314
  • Michael Boorse

    Administrative Support
    Athletics, Administrative Assistant
    Middle School, Upper School
    Temple University, BA
    School Extension 215-951-2331
  • Debra Brackett

    Physical Education, Department Head
    Athletics, MS Head Coach, Girls Soccer
    Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
    Northeastern University, MS
    Ursinus College, BS
    School Extension 215-951-2352
  • Rachel Bradburd

    Modern Languages, Spanish
    Athletics, Assistant Coach, Girls Soccer
    Middle School
    Dickinson College, BA
    School Extension 215-951-2316
  • Cheryl Bruttomesso

    Physical Education
    Student Support, Director of Student Activities
    Athletics, Head Coach, Intramurals
    Middle School
    Temple University, MEd
    Slippery Rock University, BS
    School Extension 215-951-2352
  • Mirangela Buggs

    Administration, Director of Multicultural Affairs
    History, Seminar teacher
    Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
    New School for Social Research, MA
    Friends World College, BA
    School Extension 267-323-3465
  • Lisa Hemphill Burns

    Drama, Director
    Upper School
    George Washington University, MFA
    George Washington University, BA
    School Extension 215-951-2691
  • Nancy Burrows

    Admissions, Assistant to the Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid
    Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
    School Extension 215-951-2345
  • Terry Butler

    Food Services, Cafeteria Manager/Chef
    School Extension 215-951-2382
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