Studies in Education

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A thoughtful academic journal published twice yearly for alumni, parents and friends of Germantown Friends School.

Summer 2014 Issue

  • Junior-Project Reflections

    by Abby Kastenberg, Satya Butler, Issac Zukin and Ben Caraballo (All '15)

    At Germantown Friends School all students are required to complete a one-month independent project during their eleventh or twelfth-grade years. The faculty and administration have established this graduation requirement because they believe that the experience of creating a project outside the bounds of any particular classroom, of organizing it and sustaining it to completion are invaluable in helping students take responsibility for what they learn and how they learn it.

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  • Long-Ago Lenape

    by Daniel Rouse, and Megan Hess

    Before the Dutch, the Swedes, or the English Quakers settled in the Philadelphia area, the Lenape built their wigwams and log houses along the creeks and rivers of the Delaware Valley. These indigenous people hunted, gathered, and gardened. For thousands of years they found everything they needed to sustain themselves and their culture.

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  • Introduction to Meeting for Worship

    by Caroline Myran ’14

    Hello, my name is Caroline Myran, and I would like to welcome all the family and friends of the class of 2014 into this beautiful meeting house and commencement ceremony. Right now my job is to introduce the Quaker custom of meeting for worship.

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