Studies in Education

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A thoughtful academic journal published twice yearly for alumni, parents and friends of Germantown Friends School.

Summer 2014 Issue

  • Studies in Education Cover Art - Summer 2014

    Seventh-grade students in Bob Reinhardt’s and Deb Hoffman’s art classes created these color wheels using pencil and watercolors. Reinhardt says, “We encourage students to take what we teach them about color systems in the first half of the year and to dig deep into their creative expression to explore how they could interpret the original color wheel in their own visual words. It gives the students the opportunity to express themselves and to expand their creative knowledge and experience."

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  • Quaker Testimonies

    by Florence Battis Mini, Retired Classics Teacher

    We talk about values. Every day. All the time.

    Everyone feels empowered to speak. Everyone feels he or she should be part of the decision-making process.

    We live in the space created by conflicting virtues: Which is more Quakerly, to share food or not to distract your classmate during class?

    We engage with issues in all their depth and complexity.

    This makes GFS an exciting and engaging environment for adults and teenagers.

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  • The Fabric of a Community

    by Heather Chu-Marvill, Teacher of Art, Lower School

    Walking through Tonga you hear many sounds: children joyfully calling to each other, people passing and chatting, the waves crashing onto the beach, and a rhythmic pounding echoing from many of the small falls in the village. The sound you hear most is the sound of paper mulberry bark being pounded into tapa cloth.

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