The Classics department offers Latin in grades 7-12 and Ancient Greek in grades 9-12. Our five Classics teachers focus on training students to develop proficiency in the language and to become close, analytical readers of the literature. Our program covers quite a breadth of material—students read a wide range of poetry and prose texts, and they learn about ancient philosophy, rhetoric, culture and history. Students come out of our program able to interpret, analyze, and connect the texts that have shaped Western literature for the last two millennia. Events like Classics Day and our annual Roman elections involve all of our students in lively, collaborative learning. Many of our students go on to study Classics in college and beyond.

Latin I, an elective course, introduces students to the world of classical language and history. It focuses on developing student fluency in translation while grounding students in basic grammar, forms, and syntax. Students may opt for Latin as their primary language in 7th grade, which allows for more exposure to history, culture, and English vocabulary development in a two-year Latin I program, or choose a one-year intensive course in 8th grade as a two language option.

Latin 1B Classics Day Video