Our goal as teachers is a curriculum that interests, engages and inspires our students, one that speaks to the broad-ranging curiosity of children, invites active exploration, awakens creative response and builds a sense of self awareness. Our departmental structure not only allows us an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues in our field both across and within our divisions, it creates and fosters an environment in which we are constantly challenging ourselves as educators, learning from one another's experiences, reassessing our roles in the classroom and adapting our curriculum to meet the ever-changing and individual needs of our students in today's world.

"My daughters are very different learners with different strengths. One was a Spanish and sociology major at Cornell, one a musician at the University of Michigan, and one is now an athlete studying physical therapy at Ithaca.  GFS educated them each deeply and broadly enough to discover their passions, to know themselves, and to thrive in their chosen endeavor."

SANDY BIXBY '72/past gfs parent