Clubs & Activities

Activities and clubs meet twice a week during extended lunch and allow faculty members and students the opportunity connect over personal passions and interests across grades. 

Middle School A Cappella
Middle School A Cappella

During the 2015-16 year, we are pleased to present an exciting assortment of both new and old activities, including our award-winning literary magazine, Graffiti, our online student newspaper, The Corner, and the Middle School yearbook, all of which are entirely student-produced under faculty guidance, as well as the Adventure Outings, Environmental Action and Community Action clubs. Additionally, there is a wide variety of activities that are student run and initiated. In recent years, these have included juggling, knitting and cooking clubs; rock bands; chess; a British comedy club; and an anime club. All of these activities provide ample opportunities for student leadership and for faculty and students to explore areas of interest outside our academic offerings.

Note: Each year, our list of activities may change due to student sign-up. 


A Cappella
Janet Kalkstein & Anne Hess
Dominic Sampson
Chess Club
Carlos Santiago
Community Action
Kathy Paulmier
Cooking Club

Dorothy Cary
The Corner (online newspaper)
Sarah Detwiler & Laura Jamieson
Environmental Action
Jessa Agner
Graffiti (literary magazine)
Chelsea Koehler
June Gondi
Math Counts
Matt Zipin
Outings Club
Jeff Fetterman 
Deb Brackett, Susan Robinson
SSR/Study Hall
Deb Hoffman, Julie Raezer, Rachel Bradburd

Peter Lai
Eli Scearce
Kayla Ashcroft & Sam Sullivan