Middle School

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elcome to Middle School. We are a vibrant and lively learning community made up of 200 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, and the adults who teach and support them.

The Middle School is a busy, active place to learn and grow; throughout the day, you can hear the sounds of children actively engaged in their learning, working with each other in small groups, creating projects, listening to each other and their teachers. Our academic program, which builds on our long tradition of academic excellence, is a blend of discipline-specific work, interdisciplinary study, experiential learning and skill building. Technology is integrated into all classes, so students connect to the wider world and learn skills that enhance their learning. Students move from self-contained classrooms at the beginning of sixth grade to a fully-departmentalized program in eighth.

The program is rich in opportunities in the arts, athletics and community service. All students take art, music and physical education every year. There is scheduled time for service, which also provides possibilities for deeper engagement in the arts. In addition, activity offerings grow out of student interests, but always includes a newspaper, literary magazine and yearbook. These elective opportunities give students agency and help them develop leadership skills.

Underpinning all of these activities is a strong advisory system and a deep commitment to our Quaker values. There is a wonderful sense of community as adults guide the children, and challenge themselves and the students to pursue excellence, be kind, truthful, self-disciplined, welcoming and respectful of difference.

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Sean M. Hamer
Head of Middle School

Animation Shorts by 8th Grade

Meet Us at The Corner

Check out the latest edition of our Middle School online newspaper at gfscorner.com!

Middle School Glimpses

Magazine Designs by 7th Grade

Amazing magazine covers designed by 7th graders during Project Time