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It is amazing how much space (both literally and figuratively) 300+ teenagers can fill and how much energy, enthusiasm and vigor they bring to us each day. We are a busy, exciting upper school that gets much accomplished in the time we spend here. We can do this because we have both impassioned and committed faculty whose engaging personalities and willingness to work with students extend beyond the curriculum to our unique Directed Independent Study program, as well as wonderfully curious, intellectual, and active students who take advantage of most of the opportunities put before them. Our nationally known college-preparatory curriculum enables our graduates to enter college well prepared for the next level. Our athletic program accommodates those who love being on the field or court and those who just want to meet the requirement.  It’s a great place to work and to go to school.  I invite you to visit us to experience the school  “up close and personal.”
Our students receive a Quaker values based education. Each year, our school community explores two Quaker testimonies. We seek to incorporate the selected testimonies into the curriculum and day-to-day student life in a manner that is effective and palatable to students. They expect a broad array of perspectives to be considered. Coupled with our weekly Meeting For Worship, our Quaker foundation is evident in all our work.

Much has been written about what makes a strong school. Ingredients include diverse approaches to teaching and learning, emphasis on higher order thinking, collaborative learning, student involvement in decision-making, and responsive, engaged, committed, and involved parents. I think we’ve got them all. As author and alumna Sandy Boynton once described us: "GFS is one VERY COOL SCHOOL." Come see for yourself.

Rita Goldman
Upper School Principal

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