Financial Aid

Please note: the Financial Aid deadline has passed. Accepted applicants who apply for aid will be placed on our waitlist for financial aid.

As we seek to make a GFS education accessible and affordable, our financial aid program assists families with tuition costs and activity fees. A robust financial aid budget supports our commitment to a socioeconomically diverse school community. Approximately 35% of GFS families receive financial aid.  The Financial Aid Committee's process is completely separate from the admissions process; applying for aid has no bearing on admissions decisions. Germantown Friends School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its financial aid program.

We expect parents to give their children’s GFS education very high priority in their financial planning and to consider seriously all family resources and assets (including possible help from such sources as stepparents and grandparents) before applying for financial aid.

Funding an Independent School Education
A GFS education is an important investment in your child’s future. Tuition and activity fees cover the cost of tuition and most grade-wide activities.  They do not cover the cost of lunch, non-grade-wide field trips and activities, books and reading materials, sports uniforms, and some other small program fees that are particular to certain classes. After School Program, private transportation costs, and private music lessons (optional) are also not included.

Extra Expenses
Lower School: In general, materials for classroom use are provided by the school or are included in the activity fee. Teachers will inform parents if and when extra supplies may be needed such as gym clothes and school supplies.

Middle and Upper School: Students are responsible for the purchase of books, athletic equipment, non-grade-wide field trips, and optional private music lessons.  Juniors and Seniors have an additional fee for Senior Prom (optional).  Spring Break trips are an additional cost per family; the total cost is offset by pledges from individual families and student fundraising. Depending upon an Upper School student’s course selection, there may be small fees associated with art classes, Mandarin, Japanese, chemistry, and choir. Since students can charge items in the GFS Shop and Browser’s Bookstore, parents should decide what charges the child(ren) will be permitted to make.

GFS maintains a cafeteria service; breakfast, lunches, and snacks are purchased by parents who choose this. (Please consult for a detailed description of our lunch payment program.)

Any ancillary charges beyond the yearly activity fee will be billed to parents monthly, as they occur, through our payment company, FACTS.  We try as best we can to inform parents in advance of additional charges they may incur.


Important Dates

Financial Aid applications must be filed with FAST and completed by January 6, 2014

Financial Aid Award letters for new and current families will be sent on or about February 3, 2014.

For new families, acceptance of the award is indicated by return of the signed Enrollment Agreement(s), the Award Acceptance Form(s), and the submission of non-refundable deposit(s) by March 1, 2014. The enrollment deposit of $750 per child is credited to the tuition for the following year.

For current families, acceptance of the award is indicated by return of the Re-enrollment Agreement(s), the Award Acceptance Form(s), and the submission of non-refundable enrollment deposit(s) by February 10, 2014