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The Admissions Staff at GFS is here to answer your questions about the school and facilitate the application process. Please do not hesitate to call or email us with your questions and comments.

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Germantown Friends School
31 West Coulter Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Admissions Welcome

  • "There is a shared belief in the power and value of education that unites the school community and the families who choose GFS. At every grade level, you find teachers who are passionate about intellectual exploration. You see a true excitement about learning."

    Faye Steacy | Lower School Teacher

  • "The level of classroom dialogue is amazing. The teachers have a great depth of knowledge in the subject. The students are bright, confident, articulate, and engaged."

    David Horvick | GFS Parent

  • "We were looking for a school where our children would learn kindness and respect for others, and that is what GFS lives every day."

    Renee Smith | GFS Parent

  • "The school takes so many steps to bring in kids from all around Philadelphia. There is a real variety here, ethnically, economically, and spiritually."

    Bouyeh Zulu '08

  • "There's a lot of power in experiential learning, especially for kids this age. To them, we're learning 'survival.' In reality, we're building community. We're shifting our environment so we can have different conversations. We're learning about ourselves."

    Jeff Fetterman | Middle School Teacher

  • "I think what makes GFS such a creative place is that people have so many different personal perspectives. It feels very open."

    Rob'n Laurelli | Twelfth Grade Student

  • "As an athlete at GFS, you are given every opportunity to excel. You can focus in an intense way on a varsity team, working towards league championships, or play JV. Even if sports aren't a priority for you, you will still have fun."

    David Marvin '08

  • "I hope to find work for them that develops not only their minds, but also their hearts and souls. I hope they leave us always wanting to learn more."

    Megan Hess | Lower School Teacher

  • "At GFS I learned what it means to hold yourself to a high standard. That applied to academics, to music, and to athletics, and it has applied to everything I have done since."

    Kate Felsen Di Pietro '84 | ABC News


Admissions Events


US New Parents Recption

Front Hall
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

MS New Parents Reception

Front Hall - Main
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Admissions Open House

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

GFS is nationally known for its academic excellence, attention to the Quaker values of Peace, Equality, and Integrity, a commitment to diversity, and its long-standing neighborhood partnerships in historical Germantown.

We offer exceptionally strong courses of study in math, science, English, history, modern languages, the classics, technology and physical education, as well as great athletic and arts programs, and a wide array of activities and leadership opportunities so that each child will find a place to gain confidence and succeed.

GFS students learn how to think critically, how to articulate, reflect upon, and then find answers to their questions. In uniquely close partnerships with their teachers, students are encouraged to wrestle with complicated issues and engage in rich discourse in and out of the classroom, stretching their viewpoints to include and respect the perspectives of others, thus solidifying their own identities. GFS graduates are well prepared for their college classes, follow their talents and passions to successful careers, and become thoughtful and active world citizens.

The best way to understand the depth of Germantown Friends School’s intellectual atmosphere and the close-knit feel of our learning environment is to visit us. Come tour the campus, visit classes, and see us in action; I think you will be inspired by the joy you see and all that our students accomplish each and every day.

Laura Sharpless Myran '78
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid