Lower School


Students in the Lower School Art Studio are given the opportunity to explore working in a variety of different media. They are encouraged to experiment, engage and create using paint, clay, collage, sculptural and digital media in a structured and supportive environment. The art studio work is closely tied to studies in their classroom as well as Art History from Prehistoric art to Contemporary artists. Lower School Artists develop a series of sequentially taught skills throughout their art experience. Students attend art class once a week for 40 minutes in half-classroom divisions.

In Woodshop, Lower School students explore another world of making.  Starting with 3rd grade, the program helps students learn to use tools in a variety of ways to create objects from wood in an intentional and encouraging learning environment. Projects often tie to the social studies curriculum but serve as a vehicle to learn tools and techniques. Students attend class once a week for 40 minutes in groups of 8-12.

Art: Heather Chu Marvill
Woodshop: Eli Scearce 

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