Contact Information

Phone: 215-951-2331

Fax: 215-951-2328

Katie Bergstrom Mark
Director of Athletics

Mike Lintulahti
Asst. Director of Athletics

Mike Boorse
Athletics Assistant

Maryanne Rawlings, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer

Eric Aurelien, ATC
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

Tyler Roseberry, ATC
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer

Program and Philosophy

Germantown Friends School’s athletic program is guided by our school’s statement of philosophy that there is that of God in everyone. Through the process of learning to be a member of a GFS team, we encourage our student-athletes to continue to cultivate the principles valued by the school community. Among these are truthfulness, simplicity, self-discipline, the resolution of differences without violence, respect for others and oneself.

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The athletic program at GFS stresses participation and encourages all student-athletes to develop their capabilities to the fullest extent possible. We value excellence in each sport, and we aim to field successful teams that are competitive within the Friends Schools League as well as with comparable non-league schools. We want our student-athletes to be committed to themselves, their team, the GFS school community, and the Friends Schools League. In order to do this, they need to learn what it means to cooperate with others, to set individual and team goals, to manage their time balancing sports with other areas of their lives, and to learn the physical and technical skills demanded by their sport. It is our hope that as student-athletes progress through the athletic program they gain a stronger sense of themselves and their role in the GFS community.

  • To create competitive teams
  • To enhance and refine fundamental skills and strengthen game strategies
  • To develop an atmosphere of success
  • To allow student-athletes to mature by facing the challenges inherent in competitive sports
  • To develop and enhance qualities of leadership, commitment and responsibility
  • To insist upon sportsmanship at all times
  • To develop each student-athletes’s understanding of his/her role within the framework of a team

A Statement on Winning

Winning is important, but it does not stand alone in determining the success of a season. Winning is much more than the outcome of a game.

It is also about:

Challenging oneself to perform the best that one can. The ability to work as a coordinated part of a strong, cohesive team and to learn from mistakes. Earning the respect of one’s peers, knowing that teammates count on one another for support and encouragement, even when confronted with defeats. Developing an appreciation of one’s teammates for their athletic skills and ability to work with others. Understanding that fairness and sportsmanship promote healthy competition.

By participating in GFS athletics, players take with them not only winning records and trophies, but also an outlook that will serve them throughout their lives. Our focus is on the development of team unity throughout the season. The realization of potential, the development of a strong work ethic and sense of pride in accomplishment are factors that determine success at GFS.