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GFS Campus Rain Garden

A Native Plant Garden was installed on the GFS campus by Project Flow in the summer of 2011 using a $4000 grant from Recycle Bank.  We diverted the rain water from the canopy through a rain barrel and a graded channel -- the water will now more naturally percolate through the soil, rather than running off the grass.  We planted about 175 native plants that are hardy in both wet and dry cycles.  In addition to reducing storm water runoff, the garden will provide aesthetic pleasure to the community (as it is a four-season garden) as well as space for butterflies, bees, and birds.  

Project Flow Leadership Academy


An E.E. Ford Foundation grant-funded program, Project Flow invites public and private school students to explore water as artists, scientists, historians, and social activists.   This six-week summer program is for rising ninth-graders in the Philadelphia area.  Planned in the summer of 2009, the program has just finished its second summer.  Last year, our inaugural year, students in the program created collaborative projects to inform the public about local and global water issues; these included a documentary, an online water testing database, an art show, a brochure, and an elementary school workbook. 

This past summer students  once again explored the Philadelphia watersheds. Enjoy watching the film they made during the summer of 2011entitled "Make at Change" at right.  We welcome your inquiries and questions.

The Program

We believe in the following best educational practices:
               ... students should be encouraged to  “read the world”
               ... students learn best when they have hands on projects and experiences
               ... students and teachers are collaborators
               ... students learn from an interdisciplinary stance
               ...students should be working in a diverse group
               ...students should be creating something together that goes beyond themselves, and educates the public and their communities
  • What is water?
  • How does water flow through the systems of the world (human, natural)?
  • How did humans alter the flow of water?
  • How do we balance health – Human/River?
  • What is the life and landscape of a river's flow?
  • How do we give back to the flow?
  • How do we manage the flow?
  • How do we mismanage the flow?
  • How is water the flow of life?
  • What is water worth?
  • What do we do now?

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  • Project Flow Art Show

    On Wednesday evening, January 19,2011 more than 50 people came out to the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. Read More

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Project Flow Contact

Chris Singler, Program Director