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explore our CAMPUS

What's cool about our campus is that it's spread out over seven acres in Philadelphia's historic neighborhood of Germantown. The buildings are an eclectic mix of old and new, a unique look and feel more consistent with a college campus. With three gyms, three auditoriums, a student center, numerous open, green spaces and nine classroom buildings, it's a place worthy of adoration and exploration. The Meetinghouse, at the center of it all, provides a beautiful and spiritual focal point.

1. Main Building 2. Meetinghouse 3. Sharpless 4. Hargroves 5. Wade Science Center 6. Alumni Building 7. Admissions 8. Living Graveyard 9. Dead Graveyard 10. Loeb Performing Arts Center 11. Smith Gym 12. Cary Building 13. Friends Free Library 14. Field House 15. Scattergood Gym

we have deep roots in this place

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The Pillars of A

Quaker Education

At GFS, students and teachers gather in Meeting for Worship once each week. This is a time for shared, silent contemplation. Anyone who feels moved to speak may rise and do so. It is a simple formula, and can be a remarkably powerful experience.In these days of constant connectivity, the ability and opportunity to sit in silence have special value. Meeting for Worship is a cornerstone of the GFS culture that many come to cherish throughout their lives.

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speak the truth

We strive to deal fairly, equally and honestly with everyone. We aim to do as we say, reflecting our beliefs in our actions. even when it is inconvenient or challenging, we stand by our convictions, striving to lead lives of integrity.

Shine Together

We are all blessed with remarkable gifts. We are equally qualified to seek truth and to hear the voice of God. Every person deserves equal respect. For these reasons, we work against prejudice and discrimination and for equality.

stay connected

"Alone we can do little; together we can do so much."* We know there is strength in cooperation and wisdom to be found when many perspectives come together. We believe in the power of community.*
The words of Helen Keller.

keep it simple

In every way we can, we try to minimize the distractions that can draw our attention from the important things in life. This means not becoming overwhelmed by the busyness of daily routine. It means seeking balance. It means embracing simplicity.

care for all

This planet we inhabit, the talents we've been given, the community of which we are a part- all hold remarkable value. We must be responsible, imaginative and proactive in protecting these gifts and caring for the world and people around us. We must exercise good stewardship.

promote peace

We believe each life is precious and unique. We stand against war and violence and work to eliminate their root causes, including ignorance, racism, hatred and oppression. We are committed to creating peace.

  • Truth
  • Shine
  • Connected
  • Simple
  • Care
  • Peace

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Athletic Camps (Grades 2-12)

For twenty years, the GFS varsity coaches and other skilled members of the school’s athletic staff have offered premium camp experiences for athletes interested in developing their skills and confidence.

The secret to ongoing success of the GFS Athletics Camps program is the varsity athletes who make up the counseling staff.

In addition to skill-building and scrimmages, athletes who participate in Girls Sports, Boys Sports, Lacrosse, Baseball, Field Hockey, and Wrestling will have the opportunity to swim at the Germantown Cricket Club each day. Campers who participate in the Soccer Camp will swim on Tuesday and Thursday.

All camps are listed by the grade your child will be entering next fall.

Soccer Camp

Week 1: June 12-16
For rising grades 2-9 (co-ed)
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129
$365/$350 (early bird)

Join GFS Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Sam McIlvain (USSF A License, NSCAA Advanced National Diploma), licensed coaches from some of the area’s top clubs, and members of the GFS varsity boys and girls soccer teams for a fun, positive, and rewarding soccer camp experience. Appropriate for novice through advanced players, this camp emphasizes ball mastery, creativity, vision, and decision making. By exposing the campers to progressive activities (simple repetitions to free play) that promote guided self-discovery, we aim not only to improve the campers’ skills and understanding of “the beautiful game,” but also to increase their confidence and motivation.

(Please note: Campers will no longer have the option to enroll in Soccer Camp for a half-day.)

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Girls Sports Camp

Week 1: June 12-16
For rising grades 2-6
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

$365/$350 (early bird)

The GFS Girls Sports Camp puts the “fun” in fundamentals and provides campers a chance to thrive in a girl-only sports environment. Campers are introduced to a variety of sports each day, including soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, basketball, and tennis, in a relaxed, supportive, and positive atmosphere. No previous athletic experience is necessary, just a willingness to try new things and to be on the move!

GFS Girls Varsity athletes serve as counselors, providing leadership and lots of spirit while supporting campers in each athletic endeavor. Campers are grouped by grade level to provide a developmentally appropriate sports experience, and camper-to-counselor ratios are low to ensure individual attention. Under the direction of Deb Brackett, Director of Physical Education, GSC campers gain confidence and skill through their participation in sports activities and become part of the community of “Tiger” athletes!

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Girls Sports Camp: Leaders-in-Training (L.I.T.) Program

Week 1: June 12-16
For rising grades 7-9
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

$335/$320 (early bird)

The Girls Sports Camp’s Leaders-in-Training Program combines a classic counselor-in-training program (focused on assisting younger campers) with leadership training activities. Training sessions will address such questions as:

  • “How do you know when to lead and when to follow?”
  • “What are your emerging strengths as a leader?”
  • “What makes an activity fun for campers?”
  • “Are you prepared to handle unexpected situations?”
  • “Can you take on the responsibility of leading warm-ups, cheers, and other activities?”
  • “Do you know what it takes to become a successful athlete yourself?”

L.I.T. Program participants will work directly with campers and support both the camp director and the senior counselors in the daily activities of Girls Sports Camp. Get ready for a week of fun, adventure, and sports!

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Boys Sports Camp

Week 2: June 19-23
For rising grades 2-6
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

$345/$315 (early bird)

Boys Sports Camp focuses on learning and competing in team sports, including basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, flag football, floor hockey, and volleyball. In addition, campers also will take part in a variety of traditional games such as dodge and Wiffle ball as well as individual sports such as tennis and track and field.

Under the direction of Tom Myran, Interim Head of Upper School and Boys Varsity Track Coach, campers will focus on team-building, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills. Our passionate and professional coaching team will help participants become more skillful and confident athletes. Even more importantly, campers will have a terrific time making new friends and bonding with their upper school athlete-counselors whose job it is to reinforce the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and doing one's best on a daily basis.

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Boys Sports Camp: Leaders-in-Training (L.I.T.) Program

Week 2: June 19-23
For rising grades 7-9
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

$325/$295 (early bird)

The Boys Sports Camp’s Leaders-in-Training Program combines a classic counselor-in-training program with leadership-development activities. The objective of the program will be to train Middle School boys to be effective role models as they not only work directly with campers, but also support both the camp director and the senior counselors in the camp's daily activities.

In addition, the boys will learn valuable skills such as CPR and first aid, how to officiate soccer and basketball games, and how to prepare and teach a game or skill of a sport of their choosing. They also will help to motivate campers, promote sportsmanship, and learn how to modify behavior when necessary. Each day will conclude with a debriefing session with Tom Myran. So join us for a week of learning, leadership, fun and lot of sports!

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Girls Lacrosse Camp

Week 2: June 19-23
For rising grades 2-9
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

$325/$295 (early bird)

The GFS Girls Lacrosse Camp offers the ideal way for players of all levels to improve their individual skills, have fun, and meet new friends. This camp is designed for players who want to work on fundamental skill-building with a major emphasis on stick work, positional play, and game concepts. We will also focus on play-making, conditioning, and basic game rules. The goal for the camp is not only to teach the skills necessary to excel at lacrosse, but also to build confidence and deepen players’ passion for the sport.

Join GFS Athletic Director and former Division I two-sport athlete, Katie Bergstrom Mark for a week of making friends, getting fit, and mastering the art of one of the world's oldest and greatest sports.

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Baseball Camp

Weeks 3 & 4: June 26-July 7
For rising grades 4-9
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Baseball Fields, 2940 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Two weeks: $495/$475 (early bird)*
June 26-30: $345/$315 (early bird)
July 3-7 (no camp on July 4): $275/$250 (early bird)

* To enroll for both weeks of Baseball Camp at a discount, please register for Week 1 and for Week 2; the discount will be applied automatically.

Under the direction of Randy Mower and Tyler Clauson-Wolf, players will develop their core skills while simultaneously reinforcing their knowledge of the sport's technical and strategic components. During the camp, players will focus on improving hitting, base-running, and other team fundamentals in addition to honing their defensive skills in a variety of positions, including infield, outfield, pitching and catching. The coaching team also will introduce and demonstrate various drills that are tailored to specific aspects of the game and will incorporate this instruction and drill work into simulated games.

The goal of the camp is to help players develop their skills, improve their fitness and confidence, and most importantly have a terrific time with other players who share their passion for America’s favorite game.

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Field Hockey Camp

Week 3: June 26-30
For rising grades 2-9
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Fields, 2807 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129

$325/$295 (early bird)

The GFS Field Hockey Camp is designed to develop players’ confidence both in their skills and in themselves while they solidify friendships and have lots of fun. During the morning sessions, coaches will concentrate on fundamental skills such as the grip, stance, dribbling, tackling, passing, and trapping. During the afternoons, the focus will shift to game concepts and team strategies primarily through scrimmages. Because field hockey requires quick bursts of running, the sport is a great way for players to get the benefits of high-intensity cardiovascular interval training as well as strength-training and stamina-building. Field Hockey also helps players improve their balance, coordination, agility, and hand-eye coordination, as well as their decision-making and communication skills.

Join GFS Varsity Field Hockey Coaches Nakira Downes (Division I Field Hockey and member of the Barbados National Team) and Courtney Wilson‘12 (Division II Field Hockey player) for a week filled with fun, fitness, and friends!

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Wrestling Camp

Week 3: June 26-30
For rising grades 2-12
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; GFS Main Campus

$255/$225 (early bird)

The Germantown Friends Wrestling Camp is open to wrestlers interested in participating in a dynamic week of training focused on laying the foundation for a great wrestling career. Campers will work on wrestling fundamentals such as position, motion, level change, lifting, and arching. The camp also will emphasize the ethical aspects of the sport in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Under the direction of GFS Varsity Wrestling Coach, Paul Hammond, participants will train with top-tier high school coaches and athletes who love the spirit of wrestling and want to share their passion for the sport with its next generation.

Campers interested in a full-day camp experience are welcome to join the Explorer Camp from 12:30 p.m.-4 p.m. for an additional $125 fee.

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Community Basketball and Enrichment (CBE) Camp

Week 3-Week 6: June 26 - July 21
For rising grades 3-9 (co-ed)
9 a.m.-3 p.m.; GFS Field House

One week: $135 (Week of July 3 is $110)
All four weeks: $450

* To enroll for all four weeks of Community Basketball and Enrichment Camp at a discount, please register for Weeks 1-4; the discount will be applied automatically.

Community Basketball and Enrichment (CBE) Camp focuses on skill building both on the basketball court and in the classroom. The goal of CBE’s athletic component is to reinforce the fundamentals of basketball while simultaneously strengthening participants’ sense of self-confidence and deepening their passion for the game. The goals of the program’s academic program are strikingly similar: to reinforce essential classroom skills while simultaneously strengthening participants’ sense of self-confidence and deepening their passion for learning.

Under the direction of Shawn Werdt, GFS Boys Varsity Basketball Coach, CBE’s experienced coaching team will work to achieve the program’s athletic goals by honing participants’ shooting, passing, dribbling and defensive skills while developing players’ sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. At the same time, CBE’s team of experienced teachers will reinforce the fundamentals of reading, writing and math while incorporating other key topics like leadership.

Pizza lunches are available daily for a small additional fee.

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Important note: Camp is closed on Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Independence Day. Enrollment fees are prorated to reflect the holiday.

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