Donor Wall

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  • Andrew Becker

    Thank you for 13 wonderful years.

  • Jean Terrell MacCormack

    I think of my GFS experience more often and with deeper appreciation over time. What a Gift it was and continues to be!

  • Erica Levy in Memory of Louis E. Levy

    GFS has been a very important and meaningful place for my extended family. This gift is in memory of my father, Louis E. Levy.

  • Chris Thorp

    Very happy to support this wonderful institution.

  • Vincenzo and Paola Berghella

    To help GFS Crew. Andrea Berghella is having a great time. Thanks!

  • Nick Browning

    In honor of my 50th reunion.

  • Byron Davis

    Sally has been a wonderful colleague and an even better friend to me and the GFS community. I appreciate the opportunity to celebrate her and her accomplishments. Love her to pieces.

  • Amber Buller

    GFS is a great place to work and be a part of!

  • Alyson Solomon

    In honor of retiring faculty.

  • Jim Barron

    In honor of Sally Williams' 23 years.

  • Charlie McClelland

    For the foundation GFS gave me, in memory of my brother, Ian, with thanks for the support GFS has given (and continues to give) to Evan.

  • Carolyn Braff

    Because GFS was where I learned to be who I am.

  • Kate Lloyd

    I am grateful for my Quaker education--and proud too!

  • Emma Case

    GFS gave me an intellectual and moral foundation that serve me well every single day!

  • Ted Williams

    I have been teaching US history to high school students for 5 years. Every day I am inspired by what I learned about teaching from my GFS teachers, especially Dan Shechtman and Don Kawash.

  • Noah Goldstein

    I donated because my time at GFS was something that I only appreciate more with time. The faculty there truly cares about the students, and making sure that they are presented with the best opportunities available to them.

  • Anonymous

    I loved my experience at GFS and want others to feel the same way about it. It paves great opportunities for its students since it is one of the best schools in the country. I may be a recent alum but I still want to make sure it stays at such a prestigious level.

  • Cara Smith

    Peer pressure from my (still best) friends from high school! ;)

  • Zach Barrett

    Because I can't possibly imagine my life without GFS in it.

  • Patrick Gordon

    GFS was a fantastic place to grow up and learn!

  • Katharine Mallery Cusick

    I love this school, and my darling mother told me to.

  • Betsy Sachs '10

    I donated to GFS because I know that tuition and fees alone do not fully cover the cost of a GFS education. Go Tigers!

  • Rose C. Plager-Unger

    My experience at GFS.

  • Kyle Loder

    Sending best wishes to GFS students, alumni & faculty!

  • Brandon R. Jones

    In defense of the Class of 2000 Tiger Challenge Trophy (2014)

  • Liz Kimball

    GFS is responsible for who I am as a thinker, writer, and lifelong lover of learning. I am endlessly grateful for the extraordinary community at GFS for shaping me into the human I am today.

  • Sonja Field

    GFS was my home. It gave me a warm, brilliant, high-achieving, very robust community which I am still very immersed in. It bred values, empathy, community awareness, activism, and integrity. My GFS education made me a better person, and surrounded me with other amazing people, who I am still surrounded by.

  • Lauren Shinn

    Because GFS allowed me to see what I otherwise wouldn't have been able to see.

  • Reiss Clauson-Wolf

    I donated because GFS gave me the confidence to reach for success, a foundation of knowledge to build upon, and the assurance that there would always be unconditional support for my goals from people I'm proud to call my friends.

  • Carol Chung

    For the GFS Tiger Giving Challenge. Class of 2000!

  • Carol Kim

    I donated in memory of my beautiful Mom, Myeung Kim, and in honor of the amazing faculty and friendships made at Germantown Friends School.

  • Anna Black Morin

    GFS was the best gift I ever received, and I hope to give my daughter the same gift in a few years!

  • David Wade

    I donated to help GFS continue its mission of providing open doors for students, faculty and members of the broader GFS community.

  • Heather Tannenbaum

    I donated in Duane Large's memory so GFS can continue to hire faculty who inspire students to improve and enjoy themselves.

  • Claire

    Thank you GFS!

  • Caroline West

    Four generations of my family have benefited from GFS. I support GFS so others may have the same opportunity.

  • Kim Kridsada

    In addition to fostering my academic curiosity, GFS has developed so many of my core values outside of the classroom. Thank you, GFS!

  • Emma Schmidt

    GFS was and remains to be an important part of my education!

  • Robert Smith

    To enhance the GFS/GMM community. I hope that GFS/GMM will continue to reach out to the local community to make a difference, while maintaining excellent academic standards.

  • Tom and Helen Dooley

    Our gift is in honor of Dick Wade.

  • Rabbi David Dunn Bauer

    I wanted to honor Don Kawash's memory. Don connected us to the professional performing arts world in a way no one else did in my years at GFS.

  • Marc DiNardo and Elizabeth Drum

    My experience at GFS was instrumental in shaping my life and career. My wife and I feel it is crucial to support the school in order that current and future students will have such a high quality education.

  • Lynn Major

    GFS cultivates well-rounded, thoughtful people!

  • Abbey Ruthrauff Flink

    The teachers and coaches are amazing!

  • Timothy O'Brien

    Annual Giving drive! Love the school and want to support it.

  • Catherine T. Barbieri & Jason Lempieri

    We donate to ensure that GFS continues to recruit and retain excellent faculty; to sustain its academic rigor; and to promote its commitment to diversity.

  • Marvin & Lynn Davis

    We believe in giving back.

  • Kelly Clothier Weston

    Love the GFS philosophy!

  • Barry Peacock

    To celebrate the life long friends made so many years ago.

  • Wendy and Vincent Williams

    We support the community of Germantown and the students at GFS.

  • Evan Schiff

    Best of luck to GFS class of 2015

  • Ratnakar

    To a great school and its wonderful teachers...

  • William W. Malandra

    To support the school from which I graduated in 1960.

  • Dave & Deb Valentine

    We are particularly thankful for the work of Byron Davis this year.

  • Bekelman Family


  • Julie Paschkis

    Here's a small donation to honor the big difference that GFS made in my life.

  • Brian Riggs

    Carl Tannenbaum convinced me!

  • David Foulke

    I think back fondly on my days at GFS. The school significantly shaped who I am today.

  • Amber Gay

    GFS gave me a wonderful foundation.

  • Isaac Ortiz

    I give to GFS because Rob Hewitt was an incredible coach and mentor who left an indelible mark on me. Always encouraging, he inspired me to meet goals that most would have considered unobtainable.

  • Ted Robinette

    I believe in GFS, and am forever grateful that I was able to spend two years (I wish it had been more, but I would have had to flunk myself and repeat senior year) at such a great school and be with such wonderful classmates!

  • Diane Mallery '80 and Michael Connery

    GFS continues to give students an extraordinary education - we are so grateful for that.

  • Judith Chappell Mallery '52

    Thanks to GFS for a wonderful education - from my husband, David Mallery's class of 1941 to my granddaughter, Katharine Mallery Cusick's class of 2014.

  • Earl R.Sullivan

    My granddaughter is doing very well at GFS. Thank you and keep up the great work that you are doing.

  • Michael Lachman

    For the pleasure of being able to coach here.

  • Denise Kirkland-Nash

    Proud parent of a Community Scholar alumna.

  • Emily and Richard Law

    Teachers of K-12 spend so much time with their students that in essence they help to raise them as well as teaching them academically. The GFS faculty has consistently earned our trust, admiration, and gratitude.

  • Robert F. Sutton

    GFS provided an open door that needs to stay open.

  • Helen and Chris Nicholson

    It is a joy to support this remarkable school.

  • Sally Allison

    I donate in recognition of the good education that I received, hoping to help it continue for future students.

  • Barbara deBonCoeur Allen Purinton

    I am consistently grateful for my GFS education.

  • Kevin and Anna Gard

    We are relatively new to GFS, but what a gift it has been to our children. We are confident that the cost will be worth it in the long run. Go Tigers!

  • Janet Erlick

    In honor of a wonderful foundation, academically and personally, given by GFS.

  • Chris & Wendy Bentley

    The last hurrah.

  • Janet Kalkstein

    Because GFS is a fabulous learning and sharing community.

  • John Berman and Audrey Eveloff Berman

    In honor of Allison's Graduation and our 30th Reunion.

  • Susan Gerould

    Wanted to do my part to help the class of '64 make it's goal of 100% participation.

  • Carol Bell '64

    In appreciation for the enrichment GFS has brought to my life, and that this may be continued for the next generations.

  • Denny Maloney Mantegani '78

    GFS made such a difference in my life. My gift is a way of saying thank you and also of helping to support all the good that GFS does.

  • Anne Hess

    GFS is an ideal learning community for my family.

  • Nick Thompson

    So that others will have the opportunity I had.

  • Kristen Kreider

    I am grateful for the education and opportunities GFS provided for my son.

  • Jenny Wentz Lingelbach

    I teach because of my experience at GFS. My former teachers inspire my work.

  • Gram Sullivan

    Thankful for the quality Education my granddaughter is receiving.

  • Michelle Marshall

    Germantown Friends School is not just a campus filled with buildings. GFS embodies a community that inspires, supports, and promotes the right ingredients for success.

  • Benjamin Donner

    Because I am a proud GFS alum

  • Sophie Bryan

    I am forever grateful for the terrific education I received at GFS.

  • Eric Owen Russell

    My life would not be what is today had GFS not been a part of it.

  • Katie Bergstrom Mark

    Go Tigers!

  • Lissa Hunsicker Kenney and John Kenney

    We have given for the past few years. This year we were fortunate to have re-connected with GFS and were very grateful for being made to feel at home again.

  • Sally Johnson Wilson

    GFS shaped the building blocks of who I am today and how I live my life. I hope my support will enable that for other students.

  • Karuna Krishna and Anish Kumar

    Thank you, GFS and all the wonderful teachers

  • Lauren Berg

    Made me who I am today!

  • Dwayne Rogers

    It is powerful to donate when you can. Wonderful opportunities happen when you give.

  • Lainey Moseley

    Great school!

  • Abbey T. Stace

    I have entrusted my children's education to GFS and want to support it in as many ways as I can.

  • Margaret O. Kirk and Kenneth Finkel

    Our sincere thanks to the entire GFS community for providing wonderful educations to our three sons: Kirk '06, Ben '09 and Mack '14.

  • Elizabeth Kastor

    As I get older I only appreciate more my years at GFS. This year I am remembering my sister Anne, who died last summer and attended GFS from kindergarten through 10th grade. The loyalty of her GFS community was a great comfort after my family's loss.

  • Paul Macht

    Education is so important and GFS continues to do a superb job.

  • Meryl Cohen Randazzo

    My daughter loved GFS.

  • Jen Torpie & Gerry DeSeve

    We are so thankful our son was able to have Cheryl Pinkus as his first grade teacher. She will be deeply missed!

  • Tony Wells

    Behold I have set before thee an open door.
    Enter with confidence in thy abilities and more.
    For thy proven power is in thy ability to learn;
    Go forth my children, and learn, learn, learn!

  • Kathy Scott Weaver

    happy memories, wonderful friendships, deep learning...

  • Molly McKaughan

    I loved GFS and I believe I've contributed every year since my graduation in 1963. I learned more during my 14 years there than at Smith College, and I continue to use what I learned in my career and life.

  • Suzanne Rita Sellers Esq.

    I am glad that GFS is making a positive impact in the life of another generation of my family. I am also thankful for the new friends that I have made in my recent visits to the school. The GFS family and legacy continues to thrive.

  • John Allen and Joyce Krajian

    In gratitude for our son's education!

  • Dwayne & Shawne Wharton

    We're appreciative of the GFS community.

  • Francis Vargas

    GFS changed my life forever. It's a big part of who I am today. I am forever grateful for the Community Scholars Program and the opportunity to come to GFS!

  • Michele R. Blackwell

    I am very impressed by the 21st century academic offerings and so proud to be a part of the GFS family.

  • Florence Battis Mini

    I give to help keep tuition payments lower for others. And this is a gift in memory of David Battis, Quaker parent and School Committee member, who wanted GFS to be a school which middle class parents could afford to pay for without financial aid.

  • Rob, Claire and Emma Hewitt

    We donate because it matters.

  • Smith-Zukin Family

    Honoring Saku's, Ken's and Kim's many years of service to GFS and contributions to our family.

  • Peggy Bacon

    With continuing gratitude for my GFS experience

  • Liz Lundberg

    Education enriches an un-wealthy condition of life better by far than a wealthy condition of life can enrich an uneducated one.

  • Taizoon Jhaveri & Jagruti Amin

    We really appreciate the difference that GFS makes in our child's life and education.

  • Maddie Fromell

    I am forever grateful for the wonderful education and experience I received during my 13 years at GFS. I donated to help future generations have the same amazing experience I had!

  • Charlie and Evan McClelland

    To keep the memory of Ian McClelland present at GFS.

  • Ann and George Reath

    GFS continues to provide a wonderful education. We are glad to support it.

  • Vicki Smith

    I believe in GFS and support its educational mission. Even though my contribution is not large, have huge affection for GFS.

  • David Greenberg and Susan Stein

    GFS made an important difference in the lives of our kids and our whole family.

  • Lissa Hunsicker Kenney and John Kenney

    I am so grateful to have spent three years of my high school at GFS. It shaped who I am today. Thank you for always maintaining such integrity through the years.

  • Rachel Barenbaum

    Thank you!

  • Suzanne Freeman

    GFS continues to matter to me in every aspect of my life.

  • Daniel Malone

    So that others may have experiences like those I had.

  • Elizabeth Laquer

    Because of what GFS helped me become

  • Eugene Palmer & Hali Croner

    40th in 2014!

  • Rachel Putman Herr

    Just glad to help out.

  • Abigail Wolf and Jonathan Weiss

    I appreciate the excellent education and environment for learning when I was a student, and we are glad to see our son growing as a part of this community as well. We hope that our donation will help others join the GFS family and thrive here.

  • Sabina Howell

    The Community Scholars Program was vital to my development. I support GFS' ongoing efforts in this regard.

  • Jen Zielinski

    GFS made me who I am today. I owe my entire career to the lessons I learned at GFS.

  • Ellen Satterthwaite Seibert

    Always a major influence on my life since being at GFS and still a source of great friendships over these now many years. May fine academic standards and caring for people ever be given to more and more students.

  • BJ Erb, M.D.

    How could I not give thanks for such a formative experience in my life? Besides, after over 30 years in Atlanta, GFS is one of my few remaining connections with Philadelphia -- and a highly cherished one, at that.

  • Alison Wald

    I loved my years at GFS and feel grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.

  • Pete Bansen

    In loving memory of my mother, Shirley Mutch Bansen, GFS Class of 1945. Mom taught at GFS in the 1950's, served on the School Committee and was the proud mother of four GFS 'lifers' - Peter Bansen, '73; Cindy and Sarah Bansen, '76 and Lisi Bansen, '83.

  • The Nordstroms

    We will always be grateful for the years that our kids got to spend at GFS!

  • Fred and Judith Osborne

    GFS provides a very fine education.

  • James and HoLynn

    We are grateful for the opportunities, challenges and community GFS offers our children.

  • Diane and Michael Marinoff

    In honor of the wonderful GFS faculty...and Nathan Marinoff '91, Sarah Marinoff Adler '94 and Peter Rook '98.

  • Theo Coxe

    Fond memories, commitment to the school.

  • Craig H. Scott

    I am always grateful for what I learned at GFS, the friendships I formed there and the values underlying the educational experience at the school. I donate as my annual way of saying "thank you" and I hope my support helps others down the line.

  • R. Christopher Almy

    I want to support the school.

  • William R. and Rhonda Jones Levy

    We are proud parents of Britt and Tom, and Rhonda much enjoys her interaction with her students and the Mock Trial Team.

  • Martin Duffy

    For the rich experiences my child has and will have. For the wonderful, caring, and thoughtful individuals my child is surrounded by every day. For Greek Day!

  • James Wistar

    I was a lifer at a competing area private school, but GFS means more to me now. My 3 kids have all had great experiences here, 2 are now graduated. What a fabulous community. What great life lessons are taught here.

  • Anonymous in honor of Liz Fredette

    because Liz is a great teacher who my son remembers fondly

  • Sam and Julia Finney

    Time to give, give, give!

  • Ed Rogers and Melissa Long

    We were GFS parents the past 15 years. We always gave to Annual Giving. This year, we wanted to support the baseball program because our two boys, Ben and Sam, beneftied so much from it and the team could use the financial help.

  • Gainor Robers

    As I have grown older I realize how fantastic my education was! GFS is unmatched in its standards and educational value. My Quaker father insisted that I always support my schools and so I always have! I wish it could be much more.

  • Minh Ta

    I love GFS.

  • Robert G. Smith

    Great Education! Great Community! Great People!

  • Liz Fredette

    GFS helped to instill the value of community and the joy of learning in me. I can't imagine my life today without the friends I made and the teachers who took the time to know me.

  • Joshua West

    I give because the benefits and teachings of a GFS education become clearer and more relevant with each passing day.

  • Judy Jarvis

    I'm so appreciative of everything GFS taught me!

  • Jessica Gray '07

    GFS is a unique place and the 11 years I spent there provided me with a foundation that exceeded the classroom. I became a complete person there and have been able to do tremendous things because of that foundation. Thank you!

  • Elliott Baron

    Hope all is well at GFS!

  • Molly Malmfelt-Frank

    I have very fond memories of my time at GFS.

  • Betsy Sachs

    Every day I find new ways to appreciate the education that I received while attending GFS and I could not be more thankful to the people who made it happen!

  • A. Will Brown

    Germantown Friends is a truly special place, and I feel honored and privileged to have spent many of my formative years there. Thank you to everyone at GFS for the great work you all do.

  • Reiss Clauson-Wolf '09

    GFS taught me how to think, how to be, and how to thrive. All of my family are grateful for the opportunities that GFS gave to us.

  • Sarah Kite Sharpless

    GFS provides a strong foundation not only for academics, but also for strength of character, perseverance, and the ability to form and maintain enduring, meaningful relationships.

  • Victoria Murray

    I am donating in memory of Kim Chu, an amazing friend, athlete and community member of GFS.

  • Melissa B.

    Nearly every day I am reminded of a lesson learned within the walls of this amazing place. I am grateful every day that I had the opportunity to soak them all in, and hope the experience will remain as enriching for each student who comes after me.

  • Emma Schmidt '11

    I am so grateful to GFS for instilling in me the Quaker values with such thoughtful teachers--and I hope GFS can continue to do so for many more kids!

  • Sally and Andy Williams

    Al Clayton was a masterful teacher, a wonderful coach and a compassionate friend to people the world over. His many contributions to GFS are but a glimpse of the legacies he left this world, but they are powerful and lasting nonetheless.

  • Jill Eskin Major HaLevi

    GFS provided me with a warm and nurturing educational environment. I donate in memory of my friend and neighbor Andrew Harkins, who was a positive role model for me and others fortunate enough to know him.

  • Sarah Kanes

    I believe in GFS.

  • Carol T. Chung

    GFS was a very important part of my education and personal development. Glad to help out!

  • Paul Halpern and Felicia Hurewitz

    Germantown Friends School is a wonderful school with excellent faculty, administrators and staff who really care about student learning.

  • Rachel Rock

    So many GFS values permeate my daily life. I wish I still lived in Philadelphia so that I could send my own children to this unique and wonderful institution.

  • Jo Buyske

    GFS has had a wonderful and far reaching impact both on my kids who have gone there, and on the whole family as part of the GFS community.

  • Capt. Donnie Lee, MD

    GFS was my salvation during a very difficult time. My life's work and accomplishments are a testament to the foundation of Friends.

  • David M. Hock

    I think the value of the GFS education isn't necessarily the amount of knowledge learned, but being taught the ability to think. Our success as a nation hinges on people being able to think for themselves.

  • Constance L. Weldon '45

    A great school.

  • Tiffanie Dunschee

    I donate because I love GFS; it's a great school and community.

  • Lauren Sunstein

    GFS was a transformative experience for me, as high school probably always is. The difference with GFS is that transforms - i.e., successfully teaches - its students in all the best ways.

  • Jenna Goldman

    I give back because I apply both the teachings and experiences I gained from my time at GFS every day, both in my personal relationships and my professional successes.

  • Sally Owrid Allison

    I give, hoping that present and future students will benefit from a GFS education as I did.

  • J. Wynn Smith

    Thank you for what I have learned.

  • Robert F. Sutton '65

    GFS really opened the door for me, and I want to keep it open for others.

  • Melissa McDonald Lide

    Engaged citizenship...importance of education, especially education like that of GFS

  • Carey Perloff

    Tom Loder is the most enthusiastic class rep ever and his wonderful emails to all of us sparked my giving!

  • Dwayne & Shawne Wharton

    We want to support GFS in any way we can.

  • Jenny Harland

    My father, Thomas Harland, Jr, was pulled from GFS after 10th grade in 1932 to support his three younger siblings. My K-12 GFS education was the best gift my parents gave me, and every year I donate with their generosity and sacrifices in mind.

  • George H. McNeely IV

    Every day, I depend upon and appreciate both the education and broader perspective given me by GFS.

  • Oren and Arona Gur

    I have come to truly appreciate the values instilled in me at GFS through experiences in the community and recognition of the inner light in everyone (thanks Faye Steacy!).

  • Christopher Segal

    I donated because attending GFS was an incredible privilege, and I want others to have the same opportunities I had, and the same amazing teachers and peers.

  • John Hofmann '02

    GFS is a truly unique institution to which I am deeply indebted.

  • Cary Sanders

    Germantown Friends School (GFS) taught me to be a critical thinker and to value the importance of social justice.

  • Leah Rosenberg

    We need more schools like GFS to teach the next young people now and in the future the knowledge to improve their lives and those of others and the keen desire to do so.

  • Dawne B

    The GFS community truly helped shape who I am. I am so grateful for the support, encouragement, and generosity of the faculty and staff. Thanks for being part of such an amazing group of people!

  • Marshall Purdy

    Lookng back I can see that GFS made a difference in my future.

  • Benjamin Bull and Mia Gannon

    We are happy to support the GFS community!

  • Nicolette Riley '00

    GFS was and still is a family community.

  • Missy Apfelbaum Knee '74

    The education that GFS provides is unparalleled - scholastically, personally and civically. One of the greatest gifts one can give is the gift of education and a chance to do more than the previous generation.

  • Richard G. Freeman & Noreen Shanfelter

    Sending our children to GFS provided the entire household with a rich and rewarding and memorable experience and a basis for continuing to learn from and give back to the world.

  • Peter M. Cohen '87

    It's the least I could do after such a great 25th reunion. Wow, we're old!

  • Afshin Nili '83

    I received a lot from the GFS community during the time I was there, so I like to give back. I also give in memory of my dear friend, Tom Osborne, who helped to make my GFS experience so positive.

  • Anna Weisberg '06

    I donated because I am appreciative of the education I received at GFS and I hope that more students can have that opportunity.

  • Lauren Pinkus '96

    GFS gave me a great foundation and I hope it can do the same for others.

  • Nora Tickell '06

    GFS is a special place, and I hope to pass this message along to future generations.

  • Tina Diaz and Caleb Meyer

    Anything to support GFS!

  • Richard Cozzens '03

    I donated to show my support for the school that shaped me in many ways.

  • Anne Hess

    I love the GFS community, believe in how we do what we do and am glad to be a part of sustaining it for the future.

  • Jesse Biddle '10

    I donated because GFS is my second home. Anything I can do to help, I will do it.

  • Jaime Dutton '94

    I appreciate everything that GFS gave me and taught me and I enjoy giving back to the school.

  • David M. Sinclair '46

    GFS gave me a great educational start. I was there through the 7th grade.

  • Eddie Einbender-Luks '09

    It is hard to believe it has been three years since I graduated and I wanted to give back. It is my first time giving and GFS still means a lot to me.

  • Christopher Welch '96

    I went to GFS K-12. I think it's a great school full of great people!

  • David Felsen, Jr. '88

    GFS gives something to me everyday. That's why I gave.

  • Abbey Ruthrauff Flink '87

    GFS is an amazing place - was when I attended, and continues to be today. I loved visiting for our 25th!

  • Mrs. Dawn Keenheel

    I'd like to see great things and great people continue to develop at GFS.

  • David J. Cohen '87

    I really enjoyed seeing so many old friends at our 25th reunion this Spring and learning about the many different paths we have taken since graduation day.

  • Firth Whitehouse '78

    Without the generosity of others, I would not have been able to attend GFS as a "Lifer." So now it's my turn.

  • Marisa W

    I'm reminded, almost daily, of the impact GFS has had on my life and life's work. What a gift!

  • Hallie and Stew Friedman

    We gave in honor of these recent graduates: Hannah Drake, Livia Jaramillo, Emma Jerrehian and Madeline Nelson.

  • Lisa

    What a wonderful place for my child to learn!

  • Jonathan Yudis '90

    I love & support GFS!

  • Nicole D. Galli & Charles P. Goodwin

    We support the wonderful community and education provided by GFS.

  • Ron Craig '91

    To help present and future students.

  • Douglas & Tema Esberg

    We treasure the GFS community and want to help keep the school a strong, thriving institution.

  • Musthaq

    GFS has continued to provide a world class education in a very nurturing environment to both our kids.

  • Meg Ragas '85

    From the lasting friendships I made to the amazing teachers I had, GFS had a huge impact on my life--so much so that I now work here and my children are in the Lower School! I love that my daughters will have the same rich, diverse, values-based, community-building, learning experience that I did.

  • Robert and Jennifer Flaynik

    Thank you for a wonderful year!

  • Robert McGrath and Margret Einarson

    We give to GFS to support the outstanding educations provided to the children of the community.

  • Chris Singler

    Germantown Friends School is a gem.

  • The Rev. and Mrs. Richard S. Armstrong

    We appreciate the education our children received at GFS.

  • Kim & Fredric Plotnick

    Wanted to give back to the GFS community.

  • Rufus & Alison Standefer

    We feel lucky every day to have our daughters in this wonderful school, to be part of this one of a kind community of educators and families.

  • Sarah Buttenwieser '81

    Love to learn+values beyond self-interest+amazing community that translated into lifelong friendships=why I give (still!) to Germantown Friends. Shortest answer: gratitude! Paying it foward.

  • Holly and Tom Harrity

    We are constantly inspired by members of the GFS community, and are so grateful to be a part of it!

  • Ashleigh Eden Frank '11

    I donated because my donation will never equal the value that Germantown Friends School added to my life. The friendships I created, relationships I made with faculty, and lessons I learned will forever be a part of me.

  • William Giles Bishop '92

    I benefit from the education and experiences I enjoyed at GFS each and every day. Annual giving is an important part of maintaining that special environment for all those who have yet to walk through that open door. Go Tigers!

  • Johanna Peters-Burton Greeson '93

    I donate because over the years, GFS has held steadfast to its commitment to diversity and the Quaker testimony of equality, with approximately 25% of the student body receiving financial assistance in the form of a grant or loan.

  • Joe Staples '49

    I give to GFS in the hope that my gift will keep the school alive and well. Going to GFS was a wonderful experience for me.