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Community Engagement Series Educates Students About Social and Environmental Justice

This month, we held the first of three Community Engagement Series hosted by Dr. Zarah Adams and John Ceccatti. The series aims to educate sophomores about food security, housing justice, and environmental stewardship. In addition to interacting with experts in the community, students have an opportunity to hear from Upper School club members who are sharing their time with experts in Germantown. 

Germantown Community Fridge founder Jane and her colleague Sofya, explained the difference between food security and insecurity and how the community comes together to provide fruits, vegetables, and pantry staples for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jane and Sofya also discussed food not sold in restaurants, markets, and bakeries, and how the fridge provides a place to limit food waste.

Father Dave and Roberto represented the Food Pantry and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. Their pantry provides groceries for three days of meals to anyone who needs them on Tuesdays and Fridays. Before the pandemic, the Food Pantry at St. Luke’s also served hot meals. Father Dave was excited to share that this year the program will resume. He also noted that serving meals was a way to feed those hungry and get to know the community’s needs. St. Luke’s church also provides free counseling and legal services.

Finally, Ethan Young and Oscar Schwartz, leaders of the Community Engagement Club at GFS, discussed how students could share their time in the community. Ethan shared that his interest in creating the club came from a J-Term class that included cooking at St. Luke’s. Oscar identified where students volunteer weekly as club members, including Holsey Temple on Tuesdays, St. Luke’s Church on Thursdays, and the Germantown Community Fridge on Fridays. Students interested in this type of service should contact Ethan and Oscar directly or sign up during the upper school club fair on Friday.