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explore our CAMPUS

What's cool about our campus is that it's spread out over seven acres in Philadelphia's historic neighborhood of Germantown. The buildings are an eclectic mix of old and new, a unique look and feel more consistent with a college campus. With three gyms, three auditoriums, a student center, numerous open, green spaces and nine classroom buildings, it's a place worthy of adoration and exploration. The Meetinghouse, at the center of it all, provides a beautiful and spiritual focal point.

1. Main Building 2. Meetinghouse 3. Sharpless 4. Hargroves 5. Wade Science Center 6. Alumni Building 7. Admissions 8. Living Graveyard 9. Dead Graveyard 10. Loeb Performing Arts Center 11. Smith Gym 12. Cary Building 13. Friends Free Library 14. Field House 15. Scattergood Gym

we have deep roots in this place

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The Pillars of A

Quaker Education

At GFS, students and teachers gather in Meeting for Worship once each week. This is a time for shared, silent contemplation. Anyone who feels moved to speak may rise and do so. It is a simple formula, and can be a remarkably powerful experience.In these days of constant connectivity, the ability and opportunity to sit in silence have special value. Meeting for Worship is a cornerstone of the GFS culture that many come to cherish throughout their lives.

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speak the truth

We strive to deal fairly, equally and honestly with everyone. We aim to do as we say, reflecting our beliefs in our actions. even when it is inconvenient or challenging, we stand by our convictions, striving to lead lives of integrity.

Shine Together

We are all blessed with remarkable gifts. We are equally qualified to seek truth and to hear the voice of God. Every person deserves equal respect. For these reasons, we work against prejudice and discrimination and for equality.

stay connected

"Alone we can do little; together we can do so much."* We know there is strength in cooperation and wisdom to be found when many perspectives come together. We believe in the power of community.*
The words of Helen Keller.

keep it simple

In every way we can, we try to minimize the distractions that can draw our attention from the important things in life. This means not becoming overwhelmed by the busyness of daily routine. It means seeking balance. It means embracing simplicity.

care for all

This planet we inhabit, the talents we've been given, the community of which we are a part- all hold remarkable value. We must be responsible, imaginative and proactive in protecting these gifts and caring for the world and people around us. We must exercise good stewardship.

promote peace

We believe each life is precious and unique. We stand against war and violence and work to eliminate their root causes, including ignorance, racism, hatred and oppression. We are committed to creating peace.

  • Truth
  • Shine
  • Connected
  • Simple
  • Care
  • Peace

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GFS Athletics Claims Three Championships in Four Days!

GFS Athletics Claims Three Championships in Four Days!

View game recaps from the FSL Championships and more!

Boys and Girls Track & Field 
The GFS track team looked sharp at the FSL Championships. The boys and girls were well prepared and fought in every inch of their respective races, executing their individual races to perfection.

The boys built on their undefeated regular season and won six individual events and three relay events en route to a dominating performance at the FSL Championships. They won the competition with a total team score of 157.5. The closest competitor to GFS was George School with a score of 101.5. The boys distance team scored 50 out of a possible 54 points.

The girls had an equally impressive afternoon. After finishing the regular season undefeated, they won four individual events and one relay event, and received third place in a closely contested competition between GFS, Friends Central, and George School. The GFS distance runners competed against Friends Central, one of the best distance teams in the state, and scored 30 points out of a possible 54, besting Friends Centrals’ squad, which scored 22 points.

GFS was the only school to have a male and female athlete win the same track event, and did so on four occasions. GFS won the Boys & Girls 100m, 1600m, 3200m, and 4x100. Zuri Abdus-Salaam and Anna Macdonald had special days, running some of the top times in PA and GFS history. Here are the results:


  • 100m - Zuri Abdus-Salaam, 12.51 (1st place), GFS School Record, currently #38 in PA
  • 200m - Zuri Abdus-Salaam, 26.28 (2nd place), Personal best
  • 400m - Margaret Harvey 1:03.89 (4th place)
  • 800m - Anna Macdonald 2:21.88 (3rd place)
  • 1600m - Anna Macdonald 5:01.41 (1st place), #3 GFS All-Time, currently #6 in PA, Personal Best; Annika Marcelis 5:30.58 (3rd place), Katya Henisz 5:34.84 (5th place)
  • 3200m - Annika Marcelis 11:48.40 (1st place), Katya Henisz 12:41 (3rd place), Cora Rosin 13:45 (5th place)
  • 4x100m - Margaret Harvey, Zuri-Abdus-Salaam, Asha Vincent, Audrey Ling 51.91 (1st place), Fastest time all season
  • 4x400m - Margaret Harvey, anna Macdonald, Audrey Ling, Isabel Rovinsky 4:29.15 (2nd place)
  • 4x800m - ISabel Riley, Isabel Rovinsky, Sona Wink, Evan Weiss 11:21.90 (2nd place)
  • PV - Silvia Giordano 7-6 (1st place)
  • HJ - Margaret Harvey 4-8 (4th place), Personal best
  • LJ - Zuri Abdus-Salaam 16-1.75 (2nd place), Personal best
  • DISC - Sadie Hammarhead 53-10 (3rd place), Personal best (this one was huge because going into it George was supposed to sweep spots 1-3)
  • SHOT - Sadie Hammarhead 20-10.25 (5th Place)


  • 100m - Sean Flaynik 11.74 (1st place), Personal Best,
  • 200m - Oliver Briger 24.42 (2nd place), Personal Best, got 2nd from the slow heat; Isaac Okewole 24.48 (3rd place), Personal Best
  • 400m - Sam Butler 52.66 (1st place), Personal Best
  • 800m - Willy Previdi 1:57.06 (1st place), Personal Best, currently #28 in PA, Matthew Goldberg 1:57.56 (3rd place), currently #35 in PA, Bobby Lynam 2:01.89 (4th place)
  • 1600m - Bobby Lynam 4:48 (1st place), Lucien Dalseth 4:48 (2nd place), Willy Previdi 4:50 (3rd place); boys were tasked with sweeping the race so they ran tactically to secure the 1,2,3 finish
  • 3200m - Lucien Dalseth 10:18 (1st place), Bobby Lynam 10:19 (2nd place), Teddy Raven 10:21 (3rd place); boys again ran tactically to secure a 1,2,3 finish
  • 4x100m - Sean Flaynik, Hanif Goins, Isaac Okewole, Amir Staten 46.09 (1st place)
  • 4x400m - Matthew Goldberg, Willy Previdi, Sam Butler, Graham Green 3:33.68 (1st place)
  • 4x800m - Sam Rekulak, Simon Donovan, Christian Jallo, Matthew Goldberg 8:32.82 (1st place)
  • 110H - Graham Green 17.82 (3rd), Tue Hanson 18.17 (4th place), Personal best
  • 300H - Graham Greene 42.63 (2nd place), Personal Best, Sam Rekulak 45.56 (4th place), Caleb Hess 49.32 (5th place)
  • HJ - Amir Staten 6-0 (1st place), Personal Best
  • LJ - Arjun Ratnakar 19-0.75 (2nd place), Personal Best, Amir Staten 18-6 (4th place), Henry Zabierek 17-10.75 (5th place), Personal Best
  • TJ - Henry Zabierek 38-8.25 (2nd place), Personal Best, Joel Baah 34-10.25 (4th place), Personal Best by 3ft
  • PV - Henry Zabierek 8-0 (4th place), Personal Best
  • DISC - Sam Butler 94-4 (3rd place)
  • SHOT - Faruq Adger 41-11 (2nd place), Personal Best, Dean DeSeve 33-3.5 (5th place), Personal Best
  • JAV - Kai Suminski 126-1 (3rd place), Personal Best, Cyrus Vella 118-7 (5th place)

GFS won this year’s FSL Lacrosse Championship over Shipley, with a final score of 17-12. It was a total team effort. Goalies Haven Arms ’21 and Isla Ablin ’24 completed 12 saves to preserve the victory. 

Clare Meyer ’22 led all scorers with six goals and two assists and Dylan Ragas ’22 anchored the defense, collecting four ground balls and causing two turnovers. Shipley scored first, but GFS' Ella Shay ’23 quickly answered to even the score at 1-1. Shipley scored again and Shay beat the Gator keeper to level the game 2-2. GFS controlled the tempo of the game and held Shipley scoreless for the next 10 minutes, leading 7-2, with some great connections between Zoe Schaedle ’22 (four goals) and Alexa Hanson ’22 (three goals). The score at halftime was 10-6.  

Annie McLaughlin ’22, Ella Shay ’23, and Clare Meyer ’22 combined on the draw to deflate Shipley's attempt at a comeback. The Tiger's defense, consisting of captain Ava Moseley ’21, Bluma Hammarhead ’22, Dylan Ragas ’22, and Katie Day ’25, executed a smart and consistent game, forcing turnovers and starting the transition up field. 

Two elite-level plays near the end game fired up the Tigers to secure the lead down the stretch. The first memorable play was by captain Sarah Beck ’21, who forced a clean turnover off of a Shipley clear and made a heads-up assist to an unmarked Meyer, who faked out the goalie. A few moments later, GFS attack was re-defending a Shipley clear when Meyer blocked the goalie's pass and fired on an open net.

Congratulations to the entire Varsity Lacrosse team: Sarah Beck, Naiya Mainigi, Ava Moseley, Cella Reser, Haven Arms, Alexa Hanson, Annie McLaughlin, Clare Meyer, Dylan Ragas, Zoe Schaedle, Stella Gjesdal Hammer, Bluma Hammarhead, Amelia Kramer, Ada Yeomans, Ella Shay, Mae Brockman, Mike Whaley, Isla Ablin, Miya Moriuchi, Ally McNally, Maddy Daniel, Katie Day and Riya Mainigi.

Boys Tennis 
The GFS Boys Tennis team claimed the championship title over Friends Central this week, making them the title holders for four years straight! Despite a challenging year, the team has persevered tremendously, going undefeated in the Friends Schools League, with one non-league loss the entire season.

The team was led by captain Noah Eisenstein ’21 and Rishi Cohen ’22. The team also had the distinction of having an undefeated doubles team of Asher Smith-Frank ’22 and Alex Sanderson ’22. Rounding out this team was the exceptionally improved play of Jackson Zuercher ’23 and the best number one dubs in the league of Jacob Morse ’22 and Joe Helfrich ’25. 

“If there is a nickname that is appropriate for this team it would probably be ‘the Grinders,’ for they played with heart and refused to quit,” said Head Coach Chris Booth. “The difference between an ordinary season and an extraordinary is the extra. This team gave a little extra and made this season extraordinary!”