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explore our CAMPUS

What's cool about our campus is that it's spread out over seven acres in Philadelphia's historic neighborhood of Germantown. The buildings are an eclectic mix of old and new, a unique look and feel more consistent with a college campus. With three gyms, three auditoriums, a student center, numerous open, green spaces and nine classroom buildings, it's a place worthy of adoration and exploration. The Meetinghouse, at the center of it all, provides a beautiful and spiritual focal point.

1. Main Building 2. Meetinghouse 3. Sharpless 4. Hargroves 5. Wade Science Center 6. Alumni Building 7. Admissions 8. Living Graveyard 9. Dead Graveyard 10. Loeb Performing Arts Center 11. Smith Gym 12. Cary Building 13. Friends Free Library 14. Field House 15. Scattergood Gym

we have deep roots in this place

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The Pillars of A

Quaker Education

At GFS, students and teachers gather in Meeting for Worship once each week. This is a time for shared, silent contemplation. Anyone who feels moved to speak may rise and do so. It is a simple formula, and can be a remarkably powerful experience.In these days of constant connectivity, the ability and opportunity to sit in silence have special value. Meeting for Worship is a cornerstone of the GFS culture that many come to cherish throughout their lives.

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speak the truth

We strive to deal fairly, equally and honestly with everyone. We aim to do as we say, reflecting our beliefs in our actions. even when it is inconvenient or challenging, we stand by our convictions, striving to lead lives of integrity.

Shine Together

We are all blessed with remarkable gifts. We are equally qualified to seek truth and to hear the voice of God. Every person deserves equal respect. For these reasons, we work against prejudice and discrimination and for equality.

stay connected

"Alone we can do little; together we can do so much."* We know there is strength in cooperation and wisdom to be found when many perspectives come together. We believe in the power of community.*
The words of Helen Keller.

keep it simple

In every way we can, we try to minimize the distractions that can draw our attention from the important things in life. This means not becoming overwhelmed by the busyness of daily routine. It means seeking balance. It means embracing simplicity.

care for all

This planet we inhabit, the talents we've been given, the community of which we are a part- all hold remarkable value. We must be responsible, imaginative and proactive in protecting these gifts and caring for the world and people around us. We must exercise good stewardship.

promote peace

We believe each life is precious and unique. We stand against war and violence and work to eliminate their root causes, including ignorance, racism, hatred and oppression. We are committed to creating peace.

  • Truth
  • Shine
  • Connected
  • Simple
  • Care
  • Peace

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After School Program

Extended Day at Germantown Friends School is designed to offer students enriching opportunities for discovery and exploration during the hours between dismissal and pick-up.

Extended Day at GFS encompasses three different programs:

  • After School Program: Imagine, Reach, Explore (ASPire)
  • Middle School After School (MSAS) program
  • After-school clubs program

In addition to creating numerous options for discovery and fun, GFS’s Extended Day staff is committed to upholding the school’s mission and philosophy through their efforts to nurture each student’s mind, body, and spirit. The programming reinforces the rich lessons and essential values GFS students are taught throughout the school day.

Please see the Auxiliary Programming Dates and Prices for 2019-20.


"ASPire" stands for "After School Program: imagine, reach, explore."

Imagine, reach, and explore are the foundations of everything we do from the minute the children arrive to the moment they depart.

Each week focuses on a theme, most of which are suggested by ASPire students. The afternoon begins with a moment of silence followed by a five-to-ten minute “opening meeting” related to the week’s theme. Students then learn about the six daily activity options, which always include homework, games, and playground in addition to theme-related cooking, construction, and art projects.

Fun is at the core of everything we do in ASPire. The discretionary hours after school belong to the children, which is why we offer numerous activity options. A rainy day may find us playing corn hole and ping pong, and after second snack, we may often stage a dance party, play Pictionary, or orchestrate a huge game of Simon Says. 

One of ASPire’s primary goals is to offer children the chance to form lasting connections to engaged and invested adults. Because the children who attend ASPire full-time from preschool through 8th grade will spend as many as 5,400 hours (which is equivalent to four full years of school!) with the adults who make up our team, students benefit from these long-term relationships.

We invite your children to be a part of our theme-based, project-oriented, student-driven, fun-focused program that is like no other!

Enrollment in ASPire is for the full year, and students can be enrolled for the full five days per week or for one, two, three, or four days. In addition, two pick-up options are available, 5 p.m. or 6 p.m., and students may attend ASPire on a drop-in basis for $35 (5 p.m. pick up) or for $40 (6 p.m. pick up). Early Childhood Program families can select the "Drop-in for ECP" option at registration.

Students in grades K-5 who live in Center City may wish to drop into the Late Day after-school program that takes place at GFS's campus in the Curtis Building located at 601 Walnut Street. To get from GFS's Germantown campus to our new Center City campus, students in grades 1-6 must first sign up to ride the Philadelphia School District buses. Kindergarten students are not permitted to ride on the Philadelphia School District buses, and can take the Center City 1 Shuttle (private transportation) to the Curtis Center. Email us to arrange a drop-in.

Main Campus: ASPire Fees for 2019-20

Center City: ASPire Fees for 2019-20

To register for ASPire, please click here.

Middle School After School

Exclusively for Middle School students, Middle School After School (MSAS) takes place every afternoon from dismissal until 6 p.m.

MSAS offers participants both a place where they can work on and receive assistance with homework (the Friends Free Library) and a more relaxed space (the cafeteria) where they can gather to work collaboratively on activities such as preparing second snack for ASPire, creating items that can be sold to raise funds for local institutions, and engaging in group games designed to foster a stronger connection among MSAS participants.

A current member of the ASPire staff will supervise the students, offering homework help, and leading activities for students to enjoy when they are not doing homework.

To ensure students’ safety, all Middle School students are required to be in one of three places when they are on campus after school: enrolled in MSAS, enrolled in an after school club or sport, or on their way home. For parents' convenience, Middle School students are welcome to participate in MSAS free of charge from the end of sports practice until 4:30 p.m. when the Late Shuttle departs. 

Enrollment options include:

  • Early Bird Special (30% discount on enrollment for the full year.  Special ends on October 1, 2018).
  • Coverage for each sports season, either the entire afternoon or just for after sports, and for intersessions between sports seasons, with pick ups at 4 p.m., 5 p.m., or 6 p.m.
  • Drop-ins until 4 p.m. ($12), 5 p.m. ($15), or 6 p.m. ($20) as well as ten packs of drop-ins at a reduced rate ($110 for 4 p.m., $135 for 5 p.m., and $180 for 6 p.m.).

MSAS Fees for 2019-20


To register for MSAS, please click here.


GFS offers a wide range of clubs for students. Most clubs meet after school.

New and returning clubs this winter include Cook’s Night Off; Exploring Art and Artists Through Crafts; Fashion Design & Machine Sewing; Hand Sewing; Intro to Sports for Early Childhood & Kindergarten; LEGO® Engineering; Namaste Yoga in Center City; and Scents and Cents: Learning Entrepreneurship & Wellness through Soapmaking.

Important Information for Parents
  • Upon registering, Lower School parents will need to update dismissal information for their children. The confirmation email will include a link to a Change in Dismissal form. It is essential that parents fill out this form in order to inform the Lower School Office of all changes in dismissal and pick-up plans.
  • Although clubs are designed for particular grade levels, we may be able to accommodate interested students from outside of the designated grades provided space is available and the instructor approves. Please contact for further information.

To register for clubs, please click here.

Music Ensembles

Designed to complement the Lower School musical curriculum, Music Ensembles allow students to take part in World Percussion, Chorus, and Orchestra after school, free of charge.

See the full descriptions and registration information for the Music Ensembles here

Special Programs and Camps

ASPire offers special programs for parent/teacher conference days and all-school in-service days. In addition, special program days are offered for the days immediately before the school-year opens as well as during one week of spring break vacation.

During the ASPire Special Programs, participants (who must pre-register through Active Network) will enjoy field trips and other special activities. Students may visit museums, explore caves, run through a sprinkler, or lie on the grass finding shapes in the clouds.

Children should wear weather-appropriate attire, and bring a packed lunch and beverage. We will supply snacks and fun.

Please note: Pre-registration and payment one week in advance is required for all ASPire Special Programs.

To register for ASPire Special Programs, please click here.

Policies and General Information


ASPire (formerly 'ASP' or After School Program) is offered daily from 3:10-6 p.m. at the GFS main campus in Germantown and at the Center City location. Parents have the option of enrolling their child(ren) in the program until either 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. at both locations.


Once ASPire Emergency Information is on file, drop-in care is always available to families at $35 per day for coverage until 5 p.m. and $40 per day for coverage until 6 p.m. Parents may call the Lower School Office (215-951-2318) at any time and leave a message if there is any change regarding a child's attendance or dismissal plans. To enroll your child for Drop-in coverage in the Early Childhood Program, ASPire or MSAS, click here.

Late Pick-up Fees

For children being picked up at 5 p.m., the charge for late pick up is $20 per child from 5 p.m.-5:15 p.m., $30 per child from 5:15-5:30 p.m. and $40 per child thereafter. For children being picked up at 6 p.m., the late fee is $20 per child from 6-6:15 p.m., $30 per child from 6:15-6:30 p.m., and $40 per child thereafter. Payment is made to the ASPire Book Fund.

Changing ASPire Days

In order to provide adequate staffing, we ask that parents commit to the day(s) of the week for which their child will be enrolled. In other words, Students enrolled in ASPire or MSAS on Tuesdays, can only attend on Tuesdays unless a parent submits a written request to the Director of Auxiliary Programming requesting a change of day or days. We do not permit day of the week switches for a one-time basis.

ASPire Withdrawals

Parents who wish to withdraw or to reduce the number of days per week for which their child is registered must notify Stacey Cromley, Auxiliary Programming Coordinator, in writing on or before October 1, 2019. If the Auxiliary Programming Director does not receive written notice by October 1, the parents will be responsible for the entire annual tuition amount for which they have registered their child regardless of whether or not their child attends the After School Program.

Adding ASPire Days

Additional ASPire days may be added for a pro-rated fee after October 1, 2019. If you wish to add ASPire days, please contact Stacey Cromley, Auxiliary Programming Coordinator. The number of days a child attends ASP can be increased at any time, but not decreased, after the October 1 deadline.

Past-due Balances

The After School Program reserves the right to refuse admittance to families who are frequently late or who have an outstanding balance with GFS.

Flexible Spending Account

To obtain a receipt for childcare expenses for ASPire or MSAS coverage for FSA purposes, please contact Stacey Cromley.

Please note: As a rule, after-school club fees are not eligible expenses under most Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans. If you have further questions about covered expenses, please contact your plan administrator directly.

Non-Tuition Financial Aid

Families wishing to request financial aid for GFS activities (such as clubs and ASPire) may use this Non-Tuition Financial Aid form

Important Dates for 2019-20

This Important Dates for 2019-20 sheet includes key dates, times, and prices for families to be aware of with reference to all Extended Day programs, including ASPire, MSAS, clubs, camps, and special program days.

Upcoming Events

Winter 2020 Clubs