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Activities & Affinity Groups

There are a wide variety of extracurricular activities and affinity groups available to Lower School students.

Early Risers

Early Risers is a voluntary intramural sports program which provides an opportunity for students to have fun while learning fundamental skills and playing in a cooperative team setting. There are options for Basketball, Field Hockey and Lacrosse. Early Risers meets one morning per week in the Field House and Scattergood Gym for two sessions: one in the late fall and the other before Spring Break. There is a nominal fee to cover costs. 


Grades K-5

This ensemble is open to all string, woodwind, brass, and piano players. Students must have played for at least a year, read music, and currently be taking private lessons in order to join the Orchestra.




Lower SChool Chorus

Grades 4 and 5

In Lower School Chorus, students will explore their vocal potential as they learn correct breathing and singing techniques. We'll sing in unison and then delve into two-part arrangements, starting with rounds. No auditions are necessary, however, students will be asked to sing a few short scales so they can be placed in the correct section. Rehearsals take place right after school.


World Percussion

Grades 2-5

This program is led by Director of World Percussion Shawn Hennessey, and is a community drumming experience that is both fun and educational. Students will get to play rhythms from Ghana, Cuba, Brazil, and the Middle East, on authentic drums. Activities will include polyrhythmic games, South Indian vocables, body percussion, drum breaks, and circle songs. All experience levels are welcome! There is a nominal fee to cover costs.

Affinity Groups

Several years ago, parents, faculty, and staff began the conversation about the experiences of children of color in Lower School. Out of those conversations, a need for support was identified, similar to the Affinity Group programs provided in the Upper School, yet in a way that nurtures the development of elementary-aged children. Affinity groups are divided into grades K-2 and 3-5. Group facilitators meet with students for 30 minutes during non-academic times in the school day.

Current Lower School Affinity Groups:

Black/African American Descent Affinity Group

Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or South Asian (APISA) Affinity Group

Multiracial Affinity Group

Latino/a Latin X Affinity Group

For more information on Lower School affinity groups, please contact Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Charla Okewole.