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Middle School

Middle School at GFS is a magical, memorable place, with developmentally designed programs to meet the needs of 11-14 year olds. That includes finding joy in learning, and also finding joy in the discovery of who each young person is as an individual. Students engage through academics, clubs, affinity group spaces, athletics, and service in ways that help them to discover their true selves.

“I think the most important thing that our middle schoolers should take with them moving forward is confidence in their abilities, to know that they belong, that this is their home, they have agency here, and to not be afraid to share their gifts with the world.”
- Keino Terrell, Director of Middle School

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Meet Keino Terrell: Director of Middle School

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Middle School Office

To contact the Middle School, please call 215-951-2316.

For help with Middle School Admissions applications, please email

Keino Terrell
Director of Middle School

Christine Bancroft
Assistant to the Director of Middle School