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Directed Independent Study

GFS encourages students to take initiative in their own education. A Directed Independent Study “DIS” is an independent major or minor course requested by a student that involves a teacher-student study partnership. 

The program allows students to pursue interests outside of the regular curriculum by studying a subject or undertaking a project that they develop either individually or in small groups. The experience of planning an independent project and sustaining it to completion is invaluable in helping students take responsibility for what what and how they learn.

A DIS might be composed of one of the following:

  • An individual or group study with a GFS teacher on a subject of mutual interest
  • Language Classes taught by a part-time instructor
  • An online course not already included in the GFS Course Catalog
  • A significant weekly project (such as tutoring at a neighborhood school)

Students planning to apply for either a DIS Minor or Major must first consult with the Director of Independent Study. 

Contact Information

Aaron Preetam
Director of Independent Study