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Upper School

Upper School at GFS is a world of choices and no two students leave having traveled the same path. We encourage each individual to rise and meet his or her own standards of excellence. What our ninth through twelfth graders share, in the process, is an experience of intellectual challenge and curiosity. 

Signature Programs

In Upper School, there are many educational opportunities beyond the expected—one-of-a-kind learning experiences that are there for the taking.

Our Curriculum

Upper School offers a remarkable palette of classes. The curriculum—rich, varied and challenging—aims high.

College Counseling

We view the college process as a reflective, critical journey comprised of research, campus visits, applications, and much more.

Upper School Athletics

Our athletic program stresses participation and encourages all student-athletes to develop their capabilities to the fullest extent possible.

Through a vast offering of required and elective programs, our students pursue directed independent studies, participate in professional internships, take college seminar-style classes, and have the chance to explore multiple educational opportunities outside the regular curriculum. For those eager to not only learn but also innovate, Upper School is the place.

Upper School News

Meet Matthew Young: Director of Upper School

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Upper School Office

To contact the Upper School Office, please call 215-951-2315.

For help with Upper School Admissions applications, please email

Matthew Young
Upper School Division Director

Jackie Dawson
Upper School Assistant Division Director for Student Life

Karen Barbarese
Assistant to the Director of Upper School