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GFS is profoundly alive with the energy of the arts. Creativity and performance are woven into our culture—every day, across every division. The choir tours internationally, the theatre program takes on classic musicals and modern masterworks from around the world, and the art department transforms the campus into a giant art gallery each spring.


Rooted in the conviction that students learn most about music by making music, the GFS Music Department offers numerous performance-based classes and activities for all divisions.


Explore the incorporation of the dramatic arts across our divisions, from Early Childhood through Upper School.

Visual Arts

Art is woven into the fabric of life at GFS. We offer a rich and deep curriculumin in visual arts across all divisions.

Explore Our Arts Curriculum

GFS offers a rich and deep curriculum in visual and performing arts. Threads of art history and music theory weave through classes in the earliest grades, while students explore advanced electives and embrace ambitious artistic challenges in the Middle and Upper Schools.

Art News