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explore our CAMPUS

What's cool about our campus is that it's spread out over seven acres in Philadelphia's historic neighborhood of Germantown. The buildings are an eclectic mix of old and new, a unique look and feel more consistent with a college campus. With three gyms, three auditoriums, a student center, numerous open, green spaces and nine classroom buildings, it's a place worthy of adoration and exploration. The Meetinghouse, at the center of it all, provides a beautiful and spiritual focal point.

1. Main Building 2. Meetinghouse 3. Sharpless 4. Hargroves 5. Wade Science Center 6. Alumni Building 7. Admissions 8. Living Graveyard 9. Dead Graveyard 10. Loeb Performing Arts Center 11. Smith Gym 12. Cary Building 13. Friends Free Library 14. Field House 15. Scattergood Gym

we have deep roots in this place

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The Pillars of A

Quaker Education

At GFS, students and teachers gather in Meeting for Worship once each week. This is a time for shared, silent contemplation. Anyone who feels moved to speak may rise and do so. It is a simple formula, and can be a remarkably powerful experience.In these days of constant connectivity, the ability and opportunity to sit in silence have special value. Meeting for Worship is a cornerstone of the GFS culture that many come to cherish throughout their lives.

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speak the truth

We strive to deal fairly, equally and honestly with everyone. We aim to do as we say, reflecting our beliefs in our actions. even when it is inconvenient or challenging, we stand by our convictions, striving to lead lives of integrity.

Shine Together

We are all blessed with remarkable gifts. We are equally qualified to seek truth and to hear the voice of God. Every person deserves equal respect. For these reasons, we work against prejudice and discrimination and for equality.

stay connected

"Alone we can do little; together we can do so much."* We know there is strength in cooperation and wisdom to be found when many perspectives come together. We believe in the power of community.*
The words of Helen Keller.

keep it simple

In every way we can, we try to minimize the distractions that can draw our attention from the important things in life. This means not becoming overwhelmed by the busyness of daily routine. It means seeking balance. It means embracing simplicity.

care for all

This planet we inhabit, the talents we've been given, the community of which we are a part- all hold remarkable value. We must be responsible, imaginative and proactive in protecting these gifts and caring for the world and people around us. We must exercise good stewardship.

promote peace

We believe each life is precious and unique. We stand against war and violence and work to eliminate their root causes, including ignorance, racism, hatred and oppression. We are committed to creating peace.

  • Truth
  • Shine
  • Connected
  • Simple
  • Care
  • Peace

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Annual Germantown Community Basketball Tournament

The Germantown Community Basketball Tournament has been taking place annually since its inception in 1989. The tournament, now in its 29th year, has always been focused on benefiting the Germantown community. 

The tournament brings together high school students from diverse backgrounds. The selection of participants provides an opportunity for exciting out-of-league match-ups between squads whose schedules would never otherwise intersect.

Friday, December 7 & Saturday, December 8, 2018
Germantown Friends School Scattergood Gym, 31 W. Coulter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144
Cost: $5 adults, $3 students (free admission to students wearing orange)

Tournament Schedule

Friday, December 7

3:30 p.m.  Bodine vs. Parkway Northwest (Girls)

5 p.m.  Robeson vs. Parkway Northwest (Boys)

6:30 p.m.  GFS vs. Roxborough (Girls)

8 p.m.  GFS vs. Bodine (Boys)

Saturday, December 8

12 p.m.  Roxborough vs Bodine (Girls Consolation)

1:30 p.m.  Parkway NW vs Bodine (Boys Consolation)

3 p.m.  Parkway NW vs GFS (Girls Championship)

4:30 p.m.  Presentation of the Germantown Community Service Award
Emaleigh Doley (2017) and Pat Bass (2018)

5 p.m.  Robeson vs GFS (Boys Championship)

Participating Schools

GCT Community Service Award

One of the highlights of the annual Germantown Community Basketball Tournament is the presentation of the GCT Community Service Award, which is given to an individual who has done outstanding work within Northwest Philadelphia.  

Pat Bass headshot on a beachThis year, we honor Pat Bass. 

While on the staff of GFS more than 40 years ago, she developed and oversaw what would become the Community Scholars Program. When Pat was teaching, the AIDS epidemic was rising in prominence. Pat saw that this disease could potentially become an epidemic and would negatively impact people (and particularly women) of color, which led her to dedicate the rest of her career to health advocacy.

She became Co-Director for the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office in the Philadelphia EMA, then the Director of AIDS Relief, an international health development project. She continues to be a member of CAEAR Coalition, a group that focuses on reauthorization and appropriations for the Cities and Communities receiving Ryan White funding.

Pat serves as President of the Board of Directors of Johnson House Historic Site, one of five designated Underground Railroad Sites in Pennsylvania. She also is a board member at Action Wellness (formerly Action AIDS), and is active in her church where she serves as Ministry Leader for International Ministry.  

GCT Community Service Award Recipients

1993    Charles Younger
1994    Veronica Joyner
1995    Sara Sharpe
1996    Laura Aldrich
1997    Reverend Bob Emberger
1998    Mike McCrea
1999    Margaret Hutchinson
2000    Rosalind McKelvey
2001    Frank Jones
2002    Patricia Simmons
2003    Tony Hudgins
2004    No Tournament
2005    LeRoi Simmons
2006    Mike Wise
2007    Christian A. Heyer-Rivera
2008    Reverend Alfred W. Jones Jr.
2009    Officer Ernest Pollard
2010    Betty Jane Turner
2011    Elan Gepner
2012    Carlotta Fareira
2013    Dennis Barnebey
2014    Andrew Lofton
2015    Carl Tannenbaum
2016    Eric Worley
2017    Emaleigh Doley
2018    Pat Bass

Proceeds from the Germantown Community Basketball Tournament benefit the GFS Community Basketball and Enrichment Camp. 

Started in 1972 by former GFS principal David Felsen, the summer program, formerly known as the Germantown Basketball, Reading, & Computer Clinic, provides a low-cost opportunity for children from the Germantown community to develop their skills not only on the court but in the classroom as well.