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Cross Country Sweeps Friends Schools League Championships; Mosley ’24 Crowned Boys Varsity Individual Champion

Cross Country Sweeps Friends Schools League Championships; Mosley ’24 Crowned Boys Varsity Individual Champion

In the realm of high school athletics, there are legends, and then there's Germantown Friends School's Cross Country dynasty. These Tigers have once again redefined dominance and etched their names in the annals of victory, continuing a legacy that's nothing short of extraordinary.

For both Girls Cross Country team, victory was no easy feat. They fought their way to the top, overcoming a challenging regular season with a 4-2 record in the Friends Schools League. Narrow defeats at the hands of top-seeded Shipley and George School during regular season dual meets only fueled the group's determination. The showdown at George School for the FSL title was intense, and the Girls JV squad (pictured above) ignited the afternoon with a scorching performance. Led by Mackenzie Baisch ’24, they secured a thrilling first-place team victory by a single point over George School. Head Coach Rob Hewitt remarked, "Mackenzie, as a senior, felt the weight of responsibility to carry the team. Her determination was truly remarkable. When the team saw Mackenzie and the Girls JV team round the last corner toward the finish line, a spark was ignited in everyone." The championship spirit displayed by the Girls JV was contagious, propelling every team to victory.

The Boys Varsity team didn't just win; they dominated. Their unbeaten season (8-0) culminated in a resounding victory at the Championship meet, leaving their competitors in the dust. Senior Jasper Mosley, an FSL Cross Country legend, dominated the course, securing the individual championship with a jaw-dropping thirty-second lead over teammates and rivals alike. His teammate Mason Kresloff ’25 clinched second place. This year's triumph marked the 21st consecutive title for the program.

The Girls Varsity team, following the lead set by their JV counterparts, secured their second consecutive FSL title, marking their 20th title overall in school history. In a nail-biting contest, they outlasted Shipley School 45-46, with four Tigers finishing in the top ten. Junior Jane Keenan led the charge, with Zoe Lallas ’26, Frances Ruth Buurma ’28, and Hazel Spear ’24 sealing the deal.

The Boys JV team swept the competition, occupying the top seven scoring positions and leaving no room for hope of victory by any other team. Dylan Rix ’25 reaped the rewards of his hard work and dedication this season and placed first in the Boys JV race. Hewitt mentioned, "Dylan set the tone for the Boys JV race. He attended Cross Country camp this summer and has been at every Sunday run this season, and it was exciting for the whole program to see his hard work pay off."

As impressive as four championship trophies are, what truly defines the magic of that day is the staggering 34 Personal Records (PRs) set by GFS runners. Four runners achieved season bests, while two set personal records for George School's 5k course. Every Tiger, whether in a scoring position or not, contributed to the incredible energy and winning mindset of the GFS Cross Country team. Hewitt also recognized that his team's spectacular performance was not solely a result of physical dominance, stating, "Throughout the season, we've been focusing on mental performance. We've utilized Mental Performance Coach, Colleen Finegan, this year and incorporated reflection and breathing exercises to help our athletes excel under pressure."

In Coach Hewitt's return to the FSL championship in the blue and orange, he noted, "It's been a fun and rewarding journey. All fall, we have practiced running hard as a group and getting the best out of each other. The Girls JV team served as the spark plug and set the tone for the day, and the 34 PRs achieved demonstrate the kids' understanding of the moment and their ability to rise to it."

At Germantown Friends School, the story of the Tigers' Cross Country dynasty is one for the ages, a testament to the magic, passion, and unwavering spirit that runs through the veins of these athletes.

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