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Germantown Friends School is a family—extended and inclusive. Rooted in a neighborhood that represents Philadelphia’s rich history of hope and progress, GFS is a place of compassionate integrity, thoughtful service, intellectual curiosity, and true community.

Meet Our Community

Ned Spaniel '26

GFS Student

Sharing what makes our community special, Ned Spaniel '26 says, "Generosity. When people at GFS are generous with me, I always remember it and it makes my day."

The McToo Family

GFS Parents

For Ginny Too and Emily McNabb, looking into GFS for their twins Jack and Clara ’34, might have been a matter of geography (it’s a ten-minute walk!), but convenience quickly turned into something more. “We fell in love with the community,” Emily says. “We were impressed by how the teachers take a personalized approach to teaching.”

“It’s been an incredible experience,” says Ginny. “We feel so good sending the kids to a place where they’re loved.

Kristen Welker '94

GFS Alumna

GFS Alumni Kristen Welker

Lead NBC "Meet the Press" Moderator

"My passion for politics and journalism is in many ways rooted in my up bringing in Philadelphia and in my education at GFS.

At GFS, I learned the importance of caring about your neighbors, giving back, and trying to make the world a better place. I try to bring those lessons to my career as a journalist and am excited to pass them on to my daughter.”


The Jones Family

GFS Parents

“I trust this place with my family,” says GFS Lower School Admissions Director, alumnus, and parent Brandon Jones ’00. “GFS is a home away from home. I can be myself here."

Brandon’s three children already feel the same way. “They are so excited about GFS,” Brandon says. “My son comes home and immediately wants to share what he’s learned that day. My daughter gushes about the community and the people.


The Parents Association

The Parents Association (PA) is a driving force in supporting community life at the school. While the particular activities undertaken by the PA may change from year to year, the PA  is committed to welcoming new families, offering all families opportunities for learning and reflection, creating connections to one another, and supporting the school through fundraising and special events. All parents of GFS students are members of the Parents Association. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities or you have any questions, please email

Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia

For 26 years, GFS has partnered with Breakthrough of Greater Philadelphia, an organization that offers academic enrichment opportunities and college preparation for students from Philadelphia-area public and charter schools. Now a program of GFS, Breakthrough supports up-and-coming teachers, providing hands-on opportunities to learn alongside seasoned educators. 


Learn About Breakthrough

Student Life

From their first days here, our students know they are part of a family—and that GFS is their home.


The GFS alumni family is an integral part of our community. Whether on or off the GFS campus, there are numerous ways to get involved and reconnect with classmates and friends.

Friends Free Library

The Friends Free Library serves both the internal GFS community and our Germantown neighbors.