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Open GFS

Open GFS is a series of online classes available at any time to growing learners across the globe. Germantown Friends School faculty members teach these open classes, available for grades K-2 and 3-6. Browse the classes below, which are pre-recorded and asynchronous for continuous viewing.  

Social Studies with Dr. Zarah Adams

Dr. Zarah Adams is the Director of Community Engagement at Germantown Friends School. She has been a long-standing member of the GFS Community as a parent, an educator, and a leader of community engagement efforts. Through her dedication to educational equity, Dr. Zarah is an advocate for students and families. This social studies unit on the subject of “Identity" is for students of all ages. In this unit, students get to know one another by sharing their hopes and dreams, their interests, and their name stories.

Students will need paper, writing utensils, and drawing utensils.

Name Story




Computer Programming with Laura Jamieson

Laura Jamieson is a computer science and digital media teacher at GFS. She loves exploring new technologies and watching students learn to be digital creators, tech-savy problem solvers, and safe and responsible digital citizens. 

Get down with computer coding with the Dance Party unit. Students will learn computer programming commands and concepts, including events and loops, to create their very own interactive dance party using some of their favorite hit songs. The Chromebook Essentials unit gets students up and running with their school devices and provides tips and tricks to help students get the most out of this powerful educational tool. The Google Apps Essentials unit introduces students to the suite of applications provided by Google that will allow them to create digital media to show and share things that they learn and things they feel passionate about. 

Students will need a Chromebook or another computer, internet access, your curiosity, and creativity!

Computer Programming

Computer Programming: Lesson 3

Chromebooks: Tabs, Windows & Screens

Chrome Bookmarks


Computer Programming: Lesson 2

Chromebooks: Apps, Classroom & Docs

Chromebooks: Google Sites

Chromebooks: Google Slides

Movement with Sloane Kearney

Sloane Kearney previously taught creative movement and studio-based dance courses at GFS.  For grades K-2, creative movement offers a 10-minute full body warm-up, three movement lessons, and a five-minute cooldown. The 15-minute lessons explore three elements of dance: time, space, and energy. The warm-up and cool-down videos can be used on their own as needed for quick movement breaks or paired with an element video for a cohesive 30-minute lesson.

No specialty supplies are needed, just an open space to move about freely.

Yoga with Jake Miller

Jake Miller is Chair of the Theatre Department and teaches theatre and movement to GFS students of all ages. As a theatre artist and educator, he is co-founder of Yes! And… Collaborative Arts and, as well as a certified yoga teacher, he is the co-creator of Blue Banyan Yoga School. 

The sequence of mini-classes below is for all ages and is designed to give students a moment away from the screen and in their body. These mini-breaks are yoga-inspired and mobility-focused, with an opportunity to stretch, breathe, and refocus our energy. 

No specialty supplies are needed, except an space to move about freely. One session requires a sturdy chair.

Chair Yoga


Chair Yoga: Lesson 2


Art with Lili Sharpless

Lili Sharpless is an art teacher for the youngest students at Germantown Friends (Early Childhood through First Grade). This particular study is a Black artists study, which includes artists Stanley Whitney, Clementine Hunter, Jack Whitten, and Alma Woodsey Thomas. Lili is committed to creating anti-racist curriculum that enables students to learn about artists from many different backgrounds. 

Supplies needed: Paper, pencil, eraser and crayons. 


Crayon Art: Lesson 1


Crayon Art: Lesson 2