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Teaching Fellowship


The Teaching Fellowship Program at Germantown Friends School is an experience for novice teachers interested in additional training and professional development. Like a teaching hospital or a lab school, we seek to bring together the expertise of experienced faculty and share it with preservice teachers.

In this one-year program, Fellows will work under the mentorship of a lead teacher and will meet regularly as a cohort to discuss topics related to teaching and learning. Outside these seminar meetings, Fellows will take on teaching duties, complete brief readings and reflections, and conduct classroom observations. In addition to a salary, fellows will receive a stipend and tuition support for their graduate Education coursework. 



Our goal is to recruit and train prospective teachers, particularly those who may be unfamiliar with the independent school environment. We seek to broaden and diversify the pool of teaching candidates at Germantown Friends School. Most importantly, our goal is to develop outstanding educators who are ready to lead their own classrooms in an independent school.


Teaching Fellow Responsibilities

  • Serve as the teaching assistant in a K-5 classroom from 8-12:30 daily
    • Shadow and support lead teacher
    • Participate in whole-class lessons and activities
    • Provide small group and individual instruction
    • Help supervise lunch, recess, and transitions
    • Plan and teach lessons‏‏‎
  • Attend weekly seminars in the afternoons
    • Complete readings, reflections, and observations on seminar topics
    • Share ideas and queries about teaching in an independent, Quaker school
    • Explore aspects of identity and culturally responsive teaching


Benefits of Program

  • Authentic, hands-on classroom experience 
  • Teaching Fellows learn together through a cohort model (begin with a group of 5-7 fellows)
  • Opportunity to learn from an experienced lead teacher
  • Provide training and support to set new teachers up for success as they launch their educational careers
  • Bring the latest research and practices to light through partnerships with local universities
  • Attending workshops for ACT 48 credit


  • Master’s in Education (or enrollment in a program)
  • Commitment from August 2024 - June 2025

For more information please contact Dr. Zarah Adams and Jenny Goldberg.