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We welcome you to the Early Childhood admissions process, and we appreciate your interest in GFS for your child.

Meet members of our community and hear about the unique educational experiences at GFS by exploring our Admissions event recordings. For questions, please contact us at or 215-951-2345.

Early Childhood Main Playground with Tiger

The first step in the application process is to create an online inquiry and an Admissions account below. As you move through the application, we will help you complete the different checklist items within the process. We are currently conducting remote parent interviews via video chat. Once you have completed the Demographic Info, Parent Questionnaire and submitted the $45 application fee, we will reach out via email to schedule your virtual parent interview. 

We are here to help you through the process and happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at

Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, GFS will pilot a financial aid program to provide tuition assistance for admitted PreK students at both Main and Center City campuses. Financial aid awards are granted based on demonstrated need. While the financial aid budget cannot meet all of the requests for aid, we strive to create as much access and opportunity as possible. Please consult our application review and decision process for more information and apply in FAST on our website by December 30, 2022. FAST Aid Application reviews will take place in January and aid award decisions will be posted in your Admissions Veracross portal by the third weekend of January, along with Admissions application decisions. 

Learn About Our Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Main Campus students coloring with teacher Allegra

Ready to begin your application process?

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Create a profile in Veracross, our admissions software provider. We look forward to getting to know you and your family and introducing you to GFS!

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Get started: Submit an Inquiry

Once an online inquiry is submitted, you will receive an email with a link to set up access to the Veracross Admissions Portal. Simply click the link and set your password.

First time inquiring about GFS? If you would like more information about GFS, please complete an online inquiry form. This will establish your GFS Admissions Portal account, which you can use throughout the application process.

Not sure if you have an account? Visit the Admissions Portal login page and click the forgot your password link. Type in your email address to check and see if you already have an account. This process will prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. Also, you can access the GFS Admissions Portal to track your application status at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions


Initiate Your Application

Provide some basic information, tell us a bit about your interest in GFS.

Once you are in the Admissions Portal, you will see a set of required forms at the top of the application checklist.  Please fill out the following forms by December 30, 2022 to be eligible for first round review for the 2023-24 School Year:

  • Demographic Information — to be completed by a parent or guardian
  • Parent Questionnaire — to be completed by a parent or guardian
  • $45 Application Fee — If this is a hardship please give us a call. 

Once these items are completed, you will be able to schedule your Parent Interview.


Schedule Your Parent Interview

Parent interviews are a chance for us to get to know your family!

We will learn about your child, and answer any questions you have about GFS. They typically last about an hour and are conducted via Zoom. If you aren’t familiar with video chat, don’t worry — we’re here to help!  

Once you have completed the Demographic Info, Parent Questionnaire and submitted the $45 application fee, we will reach out via email to schedule your parent interview. 

For families with multiple applicants, only one Parent Interview is required. If possible, we ask that all parents be present at the same video chat.


Schedule Your Class visit and Assessment (PreK)

Classroom visit
Students will have the opportunity to visit a classroom and meet some of our early childhood teachers. These visits can be scheduled through the online Admissions portal.

PreK Assessment
For PreK applicants, a brief readiness assessment will be conducted by the Director of Early Childhood Admissions. Scheduling options will be discussed during your Parent Interview.


Sumbit Your Play Observation Video 

We ask that parents submit a short (approximately two minute) video of their child engaged in some sort of interactive play activity. Ideally, the clip would show the applicant engaging and speaking with someone else, such as a parent or sibling. 


Confidential Teacher Recommendation for PreK Applicants

We understand the unique demand the current pandemic is placing on teachers during this school year and will work with families to provide flexibility for this requirement. If your applicant child is in a preschool program, we ask that you please choose the teacher from either last year or this year that knows your child the best.

Teacher Recommendation Forms and requests should be sent directly from within the Veracross Admissions Portal to teacher(s).