Our Vision

Vision Statement

Through educational programming and practices, Germantown Friends School seeks to create a campus and extended community that, in every respect, models and exemplifies a world in which we want to live; a world that witnesses and demonstrates the values of equity, peace, stewardship, simplicity, and integrity; and a world that sees the uniqueness in each individual with whom we share the earth.

While we are proud of GFS’ storied accomplishments and impact, the school has ambitious goals for its role in education that transcend academic excellence and college preparedness. The thoughtful words set before you deepen the school’s commitment to its existing values and Quaker philosophy, and provides a shared vision for the future of GFS. 

The Strategic Vision title “Lighting the Way" reflects the goal of the vision - to guide GFS in advancing educational innovation, equity, access, and our impact on the health and well-being of our young people and our planet.

Interested in printing our Vision? View our downloadable Vision Brochure