Learning in Community

Curate opportunities that encourage deep engagement, understanding, partnership, and knowledge sharing.

We will

Create and extend educational enrichment programs.

Forge community education partnerships.

Exchange and share learning in our community and across the world.

WE BELIEVE in the power and value of community—a guiding testimony that has influenced much of the school’s history and programmatic evolution. By building and embracing community, GFS strives to cultivate experiences that remove educational barriers and build human connection and understanding.

The school has always been committed to contributing to the educational and overall well-being of Germantown, and yet there is more we can do in partnership with neighbors near and far. Looking forward, GFS will expand its role as an active participant in a larger system of thriving organizations within our community, and deepen our relationships with teachers, students, and neighbors throughout the city, across the country, and around the world.

In building meaningful partnerships with community groups, nonprofits, and educational institutions, we seek to foster learning and create purposeful dialogue between our students and students from other schools.