Sustainable Campus Plan

Increasing community through enhanced connection and accessibility.

Campus models created by Early Childhood students.

THE GFS CAMPUS AND BUILDINGS reflect the history of the school, the community, and the nation. Some spaces have transformed in purpose and design; some spaces are underused today, but are overflowing with potential. Over time, the school experienced numerous land acquisitions and construction initiatives, many due to the support of generous donors. We will continue to honor the Quaker values of simplicity and stewardship in our approach to the design and feel of the campus, embracing renovations and alterations to meet the needs of the GFS student body and support our educational pedagogy.

GFS partnered with DIGSAU, an architecture firm in Philadelphia, to develop a thoughtful strategy for the campus that reflects our vision and directives. The Sustainable Campus Plan will preserve the school’s history, deepen connections on campus and within the broader community, improve learning and the student experience, and emphasize environmental integrity.

Starting with the Center for the Arts and All-School Commons, GFS will connect buildings; update heating and cooling systems; add elevators for accessibility; steward human, built, and natural resources; and reuse existing infrastructure, thereby minimizing new construction. We look forward to working together to bring this visionary plan to life in four phases that will each take approximately 2–3 years.


  • Consolidate the Lower School.
  • Enlarge and improve the cafeteria.
  • Provide a Middle School student and administrative center.
  • Strengthen relationships among the performing and visual arts programs.
  • Consolidate and expand athletics and physical education departments and programs.
  • Promote wellness through thoughtful spaces and programmatic offerings.
  • Create coherent administrative spaces throughout campus.
  • Develop a humanities center