Strength + Stewardship

Implement meaningful, purposeful resource planning.

We will

Nurture greater socioeconomic diversity and access.

Build a targeted endowment for financial aid.

Ensure the school’s long-term financial health.

AS WE EDUCATE students of all ages to understand diversity and appreciate strong and equitable systems, we will make sure that our institution reflects and builds on these values. We must consider people, population, and place in administrative and financial decisions and strategy. We are committed to growing the school’s financial aid programs and removing barriers for talented students who demonstrate potential.

For many families, financing a GFS education remains insurmountable. Building a dedicated endowment for financial aid moves us toward a model that enables us to nurture greater socioeconomic diversity and access.

GFS also seeks to shine as a multicultural campus, respecting and reflecting the rich diversity of our neighborhood, city, and world. We must strive to provide a welcoming experience for all students, families, faculty, and staff, respecting culture, affinity, and individual circumstance.