Guiding Principles

THE GFS STRATEGIC VISION is grounded in our mission to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of each student and celebrate the Light in everyone. We must think, act, teach, and learn with critical thought and understanding. The following philosophical statements summarize how GFS will embrace and act upon opportunities and challenges.

BUILD upon a program that fosters moral decision-making and flexible thinking; encourages self-awareness, well-being, cultural understanding, and intellectual curiosity.

SEEK opportunities to honor the richness of all cultures; inspire a positive and powerful impact on the world.

STRIVE for a community and campus that—in both content and character—embrace and reflect the diversity in our world.

OFFER academic excellence; a curriculum that is rooted in the classical, relevant, local, and global.

EMBRACE a new financial model that fully supports operational sustainability AND access.

REACH more students by extending the GFS experience beyond its current campus.

ADAPT the campus to sustain and connect the community.

MODEL environmental stewardship; tread lightly on the earth.

FOSTER a culture of perpetual learning; demonstrate that learning is not finite.

ENCOURAGE students, faculty, and staff to see themselves as both researchers and learners, and GFS as a lab for testing new ideas.