THE GFS STRATEGIC VISION is already taking shape in ways big and small. Hear from members of our community about how their journeys are shaping the future of GFS. 

Megan Culp, Head of the Art Department, discusses GFS Strategic Vision priority of Mission-Driven Program.

Learn about the Strategy Through Inquiry process, faculty Innovation, and the Maguire Innovation Fund for Progressive Education. 

Michelle Palmer,  Alumni Diversity Manager and Database Administrator, shares exciting news about the school's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, which support the Strategic Vision priorities of Learning in Community and Strength and Stewardship, among others. 

Jamie Unkefer

Jamie Unkefer, AIA, Principal at DIGSAU, describes GFS' unique Campus Master Plan.

As one of the key Responsible Impact goals, the plan honors the school's history and Quaker roots, while updating spaces to meet the needs of our students and innovative program.